Easy watercolor painting of duck

As I recently arrived in Canada, thinking and talking and interacting with people through my blog was an excellent idea. As time goes by I fill deep connection with this place. So I am gonna step my way and making new interesting updates!

Lets talk about connection and my new watercolor favorites...DUCKS!

I live in the most beautiful countryside of Ontario. No day pass I didn`t see a new animal or a bird. These creatures are makes me laugh more than others. You can meet a duck family...swimming, flying, quacking. It is not a nonsense here…..BUT…. Onetime one duck (she I suppose) flew straight at us! She waddled around and watched at us like she has never seen us before, it was like "what r u doing here"?

Original watercolor "Curious Duck" by Olga Peregood
In this easy watercolor painting of a duck head this isn`t exactly SHE but I aimed to capture the emotion when she looked. It was simply painted from ONE layer. She looked at me so really that I still couldn`t add ANY detail!

I hope you like my "Curious Duck" easy watercolor painting!
I wish you a happy day!

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