Painting animals ❖ Squirrel

I never admit that I scary big formats. But somehow there always was a small size or even worse - a scrap piece of paper already used on both sides in my hand. My lucky painting animals likes these ones most of all.

I used all my paper that I bought from Belarus and there are only large heavy expensive lists of paper which I am afraid even touch. So beautiful that I could n`t cut them. So I had to make one little step forward into bigger format.

painting animals
Original squirrel watercolor painting by Olga Peregood
It seems like fortune likes newcomers painting animals. This cute squirrel appears on my first large piece of paper! So amazing that now I can`t step back.

Pillow with squirrel printed on it. For printing is used original watercolor of squirrel by Olga Peregood
My designed squirrel pillow is available to purchase online worldwide via this link - http://bit.ly/1H160vA



  1. Fantastic piece. I like this

    1. Thank you, Hani Hani!
      Your paintings on your blog so strong and soft onetime. "When a rope turns to gold" - breathtaking.
      Wish to have opportunity to paint camels from life too!


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