Easy watercolor painting of duck

As I recently arrived in Canada, thinking and talking and interacting with people through my blog was an excellent idea. As time goes by I fill deep connection with this place. So I am gonna step my way and making new interesting updates!

Lets talk about connection and my new watercolor favorites...DUCKS!

I live in the most beautiful countryside of Ontario. No day pass I didn`t see a new animal or a bird. These creatures are makes me laugh more than others. You can meet a duck family...swimming, flying, quacking. It is not a nonsense here…..BUT…. Onetime one duck (she I suppose) flew straight at us! She waddled around and watched at us like she has never seen us before, it was like "what r u doing here"?

Original watercolor "Curious Duck" by Olga Peregood
In this easy watercolor painting of a duck head this isn`t exactly SHE but I aimed to capture the emotion when she looked. It was simply painted from ONE layer. She looked at me so really that I still couldn`t add ANY detail!

I hope you like my "Curious Duck" easy watercolor painting!
I wish you a happy day!


Cool easy watercolor paintings of chipmunk ❖ 1st post

Original designed pillow based on painting in watercolor "Chipmunk Dale" by Olga Peregood

My biggest DREAM always been painting in watercolor and sharing my art journey with you is a cheer joy for me!

This is my 1st blog post and I wanna show you my cool easy watercolor paintings of chipmunk.

These creatures are my favourite subjects to paint right now. Let me explain WHY.

I am from BELARUS and recently arrived in CANADA. Chipmunks were the first ones I have never seen before. We became closed friends as they simply live near our house. So I could enjoy a company, explore appearance, and paint them from my window!

I hope you like my cool easy watercolor paintings of chipmunk!
I wish you a happy day!
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