New film

Original roses watercolor by Olga Peregood. Fragment
I look at my paintings with a feeling how can I create them? It is seems like I have to believe its me. This is the point hard to explain if you never have such an magical experience in life. It is so unique moment I even hard to hope somebody will understand what I am talking about.

But this is the point in my life I so long dream about and work very hard to achieve. I never take for granted such rich moments in my life. I always remember the hard work.  I am personally celebrating. This is my resourcing place I can bring energy from.

I cannot not to share my feeling with you. They are overwhelming. If you have a dream whatever it is everything is possible.

Next week I gonna filming a video tutorial how my roses appears on my easel for all of you! My excitement is jumping from one event to another.

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