Shift ✿ܓ Beautiful cute pictures are bored me

Now my art move to something new. It is changed something. I often found myself sitting and enjoying watching my paintings at 1st stage rather than begin work on the next. I know where I should go but I stop and enjoy.

I found bunch of paintings that kept to be done for later and I find all them already done without adding more details! I found my paintings become more loose and incompleteness.

Now I truly realized what watercolor a medium is. There is no way I could repeat the same effect again! I could repeat but the result will never be the 100% same. And I start appreciate this and use it and safe these lucky areas as it is.

I was lucky enough to have paintings where almost hole paper covered with lucky areas and it`s so hard to move forward not to ruin them. I learn to balance on saving amazing watercolors effects and to telling about subject I portray.

I have enough paintings to understand how the rush is dangerous. I learn to hear the painting and move on next stage when I am ready.

Beautiful and cute pictures are bored me. I want something special. I like to be confusing am really I painted it?

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