Shift ✿ܓI am not alone in a room while I am painting

My imagination is made a huge stepwise. I was painting on afternoon Suddenly different emotions flooded and wonderful images come to my head. I start to see petals, flowers, leaves in empty spaces on paper.

Yesterday I could sit hours making decision where to move forward what to place here and there put to the bin even! Now I could watch on a rough 1st layer and see beautiful painting.

Shifting take place.
Original horse watercolor by Olga Peregood SOLD
I was received new pleasure in my art life - to feel emotions and to create paintings from my imagination. My creativity became much more wider. I and my imaginary painting are working together selecting different ideas on future painting. And how cool to know who is responsible for final decision and realization!

Emotions are so high at that moment. I feel so strong confidence. I could paint absolutely anything with my imagination. I could turn any painting from any stage to complete amazing result!

I feel I am not alone in a room while I am painting. I feel presence like watercolor, paper, my imagination+emotions all of us take part in one party.

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