Backstage ❖ My first watercolor tutorial ❖ Feedback

After launching painting tutorial "Escaping Winter. Roses" no day pass I did not to receive new beautiful comment on tweet. I fillings are on top right now and I gonna make my next one, which is called "Escaping Winter. Hydrangeas" even more exiting!

Exploring new ways painting in watercolor, approaching technics, try new subjects and materials, and sharing the best features with you - I feel like I want to be involved in it all my life.

And this is just a beginning. I am just launched my very first painting tutorial. I can't even imaging how I will hold my emotions in the future!

Thank you very-very much for every comment, letter, tweet, like. It means a lot for me.

Painting tutorial "Escaping Winter. Roses"  available by follow this link - http://bit.ly/2g00SCX

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