Botanical watercolor painting tutorials

There are my watercolor painting tutorials, which were launched this year. Its' seems like I am a botanical artist. I am not actually. To prove that point I will make my next tutorial completely unexpected.

I will hold on position of leading you through the tutorial and continue fill with new techniques, tips and tricks I already discovered. I like idea of simplicity, so my subject will be very funny and simple to make it approachable for beginners as well and to pay more attention on technique.

Its so hard to keep on making new painting HD tutorial so often. But I do. I can not not to share, as I have so much right now. Especially when you surrounded so talented and friendly viewers as mine.

I am glad my viewers like my floral work and I am over the moon to surprise my followers on my another wonderful subjects!

Full length HD video tutorials available for watching online by follow this link - http://ladywonderbrush.usefedora.com

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