More #selfie!

For my dear followers` requirements that I need more #selfie

I received wonderful comments on my work. There are new questions/demands are coming each day about new subjects, tutorials and my style of painting. I am so happy about comments on my previous tutorials so I put this energy into my next watercolours.

Once I start to make a painting watercolor tutorials I found after filming each was launched I have even more to share in the next one. I don't know why.

You push all you know into this. Instead feeling exhausted and squeezed I feel overwhelmed by continually coming new ideas in my mind.

  • I want to share what I have learned, and why I am so excited about watercolor.
  • I want to do this in a funny way and highlight those things that made me excited about watercolor when I was a beginner, things that keeps me go on in spite of upset and disorders beginners often have.
  • And most of all I want to share my passion and enthusiasm for that magical medium!
I am ready to work to cover all this stuff. So right now I am working on next painting tutorials and it will be a hole series of tutorials. Right now I am planning to figure out how to do it this summer 2015 for you. This summer going to be very hot!
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