Purple Trilliums

Purple Trillium, Ontario
Purple Trilliums

I like my forest walks so much. Fresh air, birds songs, wild spring flowers. All of that makes me feel comfortable about life and prepare to busy day.

This is my second spring in Canada and there are still a lot of changes in every sphere of my life, stuff to learn, to fix, to adopt.

Keep doing HD tutorials each month is quite challenging, but I do.

I would like to do it more often, but you know how much it takes TIME and energy to organize, preparation, computer, etc.

And I want on each tutorial to do my best, to include best I have on such moment.

There are many new ideas about painting subjects, new tips and discoveries in watercolor for future tutorials.

There are  a lot of planning to figure out how to carry out all of that stuff.

This morning when I walked there are Trilliums begin to bloom. White trillium is our Ontario's floral emblem.

But near forest streams I notice there are Purple Trilliums.

They are not as numerous as the Great White Trillium and their flowers do not last as long what`s makes them even more attractive to paint!


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