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HD Video watercolor painting tutorial "Coming Closer. Ducks"
Time is fly so fast! Last time when I was filming watercolor painting tutorial "Coming Closer. Ducks" a duck was sitting on eggs in the nest not so far from our pond. Today evening in our pond I saw a row of ducklings follow their mom.

When I painted ducks for my video watercolor painting tutorial "Coming Closer. Ducks" a duck attracted in my real life.

If it works for watercolor painting tutorial "Coming Closer. Ducks" I will be over the moon if it will work on my next tutorial. Because subject is amazing to meet it in real life then!

What subject for next tutorial is? No one knows what it will be, I even can`t let myself to place even a fragment of demonstrated painting. The title will be as secret as a subject.

I know cover is very important. Launching such a cover could be not successful. Whatever! "Guess what it is?" - is a title for my new painting tutorial and I am so happy with that! I am so happy to do whatever I want with my paintings, my art and my tutorials!

Right now only I know what it is. I am so so excited!

I smile each time I imagine your faces watching this tutorial and guessing what it is.

Full length HD video watercolor painting tutorial "Coming Closer. Ducks" is available for watching online by follow this link - http://lazywonderbrush.teachable.com/p/coming-closer-ducks


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