Watercolor paintings of roses. SOLD

Random frame from video demonstration
Removing a cling wrap to create rose petals illusion
Hi, there! Welcome to my studio vlog and join my Sunday`s afternoon painting time! This is one from my recent watercolor paintings of roses which is called "Morning Gold". Started as an exercise on a scrap piece of paper and turned into beautiful golden rose and video for my YT channel 'lazywonderbrush`!

Original watercolor "Morning Gold" painting by Olga Peregood. SOLD
Created while demonstrating for YouTube video
Follow and watch me painting this Morning Gold on my YouTube channel `lazywonderbrush` via this link - https://youtu.be/UUhJE8KXF1o

In this demonstration I followed techniques from my watercolor painting tutorial "Escaping Winter. Roses" - http://bit.ly/2g00SCX

Have a wonderful time painting,

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