How to paint dogs in watercolour

Original "Someone's Lovely Puppy" watercolor painting by Olga Peregood. In progress

Hi, there! Do you have a Periscope?

Not so long time ago I find out about Periscope LIVE events and idea to take part and paint something hitted me so high. Today afternoon I decide to give a try and paint "Someone's Lovely Puppy" watercolor. I did't know how if anybody was watching me as I still learning how to use this app, but it feels like hundreds and hundreds people was sticking their eyes on me! I forgot all English words I have learned and hardly said something in the end of a session.

When session was finished and I uploaded a result in good quality photograph of my 1 wash of a puppy on this blog I was absolutely thrilled with the result! I love this puppy so much and already see it is SO wonderful example how to paint dogs in watercolour! I think there is a little magic happen during demonstrating livestream.

Single frame of Periscope session today afternoon

I am going to improve my scoping skills and collect my Periscope sessions of painting process of this puppy and upload a final video demonstration on my You Tube channel here

Now I can't wait tomorrow afternoon I can continue work on next layer! If you interested join me on Periscope, you are welcome! There will be a link on my Twitter when it happens. It will looks something like that and available 24h for replay:

This is how a link for watching LIVE broadcast is looks like on Twitter
In this demonstration I used techniques from my lovely watercolor painting tutorial "Guess What It Is?" - http://lazywonderbrush.teachable.com/courses/enrolled/guess-what-it-is


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