How to paint fuzzy cute animal

Original watercolor by Olga Peregood. SOLD

Hello, my dear readers! I wish everyone to find what you love to do in life [hobby] and have the possibilities to do it regularly. I have so much from mine. My hobbies [there are many, watercolor is stronger than others] are helping to pass through the hardest times in my life, and just feel energized during the day. Spending time regularly by doing what you love is influences on every sphere of your life. This is an escape, the place of power, the resource.

People attend my Virtual Class, saying I am so creative. My wish for sharing is turned into my video tutorials this year. But the more I share the more I receive. My next 2 video courses that coming this fall is so rich. And as soon as I filmed them I have even more creative ideas to share in the future about watercolor. The possibilities of this magical medium is endless!

The cover for watercolor painting tutorial "Fuzzy &Fluey. Lama"

This lama painting from my recent watercolor painting tutorial "Fuzzy &Fluey. Lama" is already sold. You can still enjoy watching online anytime in my Virtual Class how I create this fuzzy cute animal via this link - http://bit.ly/1eDcrwT


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