I did it again!

Original "Someone's Lovely Puppy" and "Blue Jay" watercolors by Olga Peregood demonstrated LIVE on Periscope @ladywonderbrush

Hi, there! I did it again. During my today`s afternoon painting demonstration I have so much fun.

The idea to make Periscope sessions come from this blog from favorite topic "Behind My Shoulders", where I am sharing how I paint in real timeline and in real stages in process, where I am painting just for myself not for demonstrations, tutorials, not for my paintings to be sold, where I haven't limits in time, deadlines, etc. There truly I am painting.

For today's Periscope session I've demonstrated a puppy and a bird in watercolor. So my viewers might follow me and figure out how the paintings  develop in real timeline in stages.

On my tutorials you can see how painting magically appears just in 20 minutes! I don`t want to deceive my viewers as for filming process I should speed up, also film goes through editing process with cutting.

So why I really love Periscope is because this is real life is going on here. There is no glam, editing, scenario. Here I can freely share the atmosphere while I am painting.

Thank everyone who joined me and enjoyed watching how "Someone's Lovely Puppy" and "Blue Jay" paintings magically appears on my easel.

Now I can't wait tomorrow afternoon I can continue work on tail for blue jay and fur for puppy! If you interested join me on Periscope, you are welcome! There will be a link on my Twitter when it happens. It will available 24 hours  for replay. So if you go on my Twitter before 1:22 PM - 30 Oct 2015 you might watch my session.


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