how to paint with water colors for new artists

Cover for online class "Watercolor Treasure Chest: Discover Watercolor As A Treasure In 7 Steps" with Olga Peregood
I was invited to teach a class how to paint with water colors. So for the last month, I’ve poured my heart into creating Watercolor Treasure Chest: Discover Watercolor As A Treasure In 7 Steps, an experience for you my friends who not only yearn to come alive with a creative pursuit, but to experience the unparalleled delight of painting in watercolor.

This class was born out of my commitment to myself to share with others what I have learned. At that moment I feel overwhelmed by benefits watercolor bring to me and my life. I have so much to share so I can`t not to share!

In this class, I show to my students the keys to the treasure chest what watercolor is truly is.

If you are ready to learn this magical medium in a new way you haven't considered before - join us.

Come and join my class for new artists - http://bit.ly/2h8avC9



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