Watercolor painting trees

Hello, there! I am not a big fan of painting landscapes because I don’t feel confidence I could portray that feeling of space and atmosphere as you have been here in reality.

But as soon as we start to discover beauty of Canada, the idea to start practice is getting bolder. We explored Algonquin Park recently.

This is my landscape watercolor painting came from recent road trip to Algonquin Park, actually on our road back home when I was sitting in a car tired and overwhelmed by beautiful scenes of nature I have seen.

This is my favorite technique I discovered in watercolor which I apply for watercolor painting trees. I like this effect so much so I can`t wait to film and demonstrate how I do this!

Watercolor painting trees by Olga Peregood. Fragment
Watercolor painting trees by Olga Peregood. Fragment

The nature here is absolutely wild, virgin and beautiful. I wish I could paint it more often. Driving a car and making a stops in the places that catch the most my artist soul.

Luckily, I made a huge photo album from my travels this Summer and Fall so I have good starting point to practice in my studio.

For watercolor painting trees I used "Creating by Destroying" technique which I showed in my class for beginners "Watercolor Treasure Chest"



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