New course and cat in watercolor

Original watercolor Sean painting by Olga Peregood
Hi, there! This is my recent watercolor portrait of cat Sean. The owner, talented artist, teacher and my student Beth Spencer requested me to paint her lovely boy in watercolor in my style for upcoming watercolor painting course called "Creating WOW Effects With Watercolor". Actually I was going to show it in this video course, but as you can see I can't keep it in secret.

I know there are wonderful artists might interested how I painted him. So, luckily I took photo in process. If you watched my course "Watercolor Treasure Chest" it is clear to see techniques I used.

Applying watercolor technique with salt from my course "Watercolor Treasure Chest"


New watercolor friend from parcel and wonderful adventure

Luckily I have wonderful bouquet of purple carnations while unpacking my parcel from art supplies store
Hi! When I unpack my parcel from art supplies store I rapidly try new tube of Purple Lake by Winsor & Newton. I always look for what's new on the market and let myself to try at least one new color a month. I made a simple swatch of it as I usually do to meet my new watercolor friend before invite it to my paintings.

My watercolor friend Purple Lake by Winsor & Newton from here
Now I get excited of coming wonderful ideas what I can paint with this color!

Luckily I have wonderful bouquet of purple carnations while unpacking my parcel from art supplies store
I had wonderful bouquet of fresh carnations at that moment and look how this tube is perfect to paint purple carnation!

Single frame from video painting session on my You Tube channel
Watch me painting this idea in this videos and our wonderful adventure with the medium:
Purple Carnation painting session. Video #1 - https://youtu.be/Qi12d8eN5iY
Purple Carnation painting session. Video #2 - https://youtu.be/CBEe2rYG0ZY



That Dog!

Hi, my name is Olga. I am a professional artist and watercolor addict from Ontario, Canada.

I adore nature, animals, especially dogs. I absolutely love them. Paint them in my favorite medium watercolor is pure joy for me.

This is my recent commission of pet portrait painting in my favorite medium watercolor.

Original watercolor "Bailey" portrait by Olga Peregood
This is the most happy of my customers and Boston Terrier owner I had! Bailey was watching the SeaHawls football game. She was a little jersey on and sits near. She is always in a good mood and always up for treats. That is what she is doing in the pic, she is looking forward to a treat. I have so much fun painting her! Owner said I captured her personality and this is the most valuable appreciation for me as an artist!

This is between stages process of creation.

If you like my Bailey and you want me to share video demonstration how I paint dogs, please let me know in comments below. Your lovely pet might be a STAR of my next course as right now I am working on it and open for requests from you.

Have a nice day,




My Course ❖ Pet Portrait ❖ Trailer Story ❖ Updates


Hello! It is almost a month since I launched my course Watercolor Treasure Chest: 7 Techniques For Amazing Watercolors. Remember the fair to start teaching in front of my students. Now my favorite part of a day is early morning when  I get up and check what are new wonderful and talented people from 65 countries around the World enrolled into my class!

Cover for my course "Watercolor Treasure Chest"

I received so wonderful reviews and e-mails from happy students and so many requests on what to paint next! Now I am working on next one. I can't wait to show what an exciting subjects you can paint using techniques from Watercolor Treasure Chest.
When I was launching this course I said I hope I will love teaching as much as painting. Now I'm definitely do!

Blog updates

My SHOP is updated with some very cool stuff
I spent my yesterday by updating this blog. It's so exciting to see how as my art grows my blog grows either. There are new pages "Shop", "Tutorials" and "About Me" updated.

Thank you for being a part of my art journey and for following this blog.
Have a nice day,
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