New course and cat in watercolor

Original watercolor Sean painting by Olga Peregood
Hi, there! This is my recent watercolor portrait of cat Sean. The owner, talented artist, teacher and my student Beth Spencer requested me to paint her lovely boy in watercolor in my style for upcoming watercolor painting course called "Creating WOW Effects With Watercolor". Actually I was going to show it in this video course, but as you can see I can't keep it in secret.

I know there are wonderful artists might interested how I painted him. So, luckily I took photo in process. If you watched my course "Watercolor Treasure Chest" it is clear to see techniques I used.

Applying watercolor technique with salt from my course "Watercolor Treasure Chest"

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  1. beautiful cat....will there be a video tutorial on how you painted this...welldone, more cats please!! Joyous


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