What makes you a professional

Hi, everyone! It was most of the complex time of my life. New country, new life, changes, transformations. New role as a professional artist, watercolorist and a teacher. And the most exciting as well. I met so many wonderful and talented artists and friends. I had happy days. With my art and continue to paint helped overcome the most hardest and unhappy days.

I learned so much. I figured out that your growth as a professional it's not about just became a master of techniques and ability to capture different subjects with excitement. It's about be strong and continue do what you do in the most dark and hardest time in life. When everyone give up and fall, continue to go your way and your dreams.

Next day I posted Santa snow come. I get up in the morning and saw spectacular Christmas scene behind my window. Everything was white, perfect lighting and I painted as I missed this white daylight I didn't enjoy so long time!

I thought a great way to start my Christmas sale, wrap all tutorials made in 2015 in one set.
All tutorials made in 2015 in one set


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