Backstage ❖ My first watercolor tutorial ❖ The cover

What a wonderful day today. I was painting in the morning, then I go outside and have so much fun with my family. We were sliding from hills on snow sliders . Then I return home and work on cover for my painting tutorial "Escaping Winter.Roses". This is a cover.

cover for my painting tutorial "Escaping Winter.Roses"
The cover for my first painting tutorial "Escaping Winter. Roses"
I always feel enthusiastic after painting in my studio. After painting roses and feeling there is a summer in the middle of winter, I feel enthusiastic even more! I am happy to share this magic through my film.

And this is not an end of a day. After posting this, I am going on my skating lessons.



Backstage ❖ My first watercolor tutorial

It`s not just a winter right now. It`s Canadian winter! I have to paint roses from my memories from my imagination to escape situation. I will title my first painting tutorial "Escaping winter" it`s suits it the best.

You know it works. After painting roses and recording tutorial in my studio and in my mood it is summer.

Getting ready for filming my roses tutorial. My outfit for filming.
Roses are everywhere: on my dress and my earrings


New film

Original roses watercolor by Olga Peregood. Fragment
I look at my paintings with a feeling how can I create them? It is seems like I have to believe its me. This is the point hard to explain if you never have such an magical experience in life. It is so unique moment I even hard to hope somebody will understand what I am talking about.

But this is the point in my life I so long dream about and work very hard to achieve. I never take for granted such rich moments in my life. I always remember the hard work.  I am personally celebrating. This is my resourcing place I can bring energy from.

I cannot not to share my feeling with you. They are overwhelming. If you have a dream whatever it is everything is possible.

Next week I gonna filming a video tutorial how my roses appears on my easel for all of you! My excitement is jumping from one event to another.


Shift ✿ܓI am not alone in a room while I am painting

My imagination is made a huge stepwise. I was painting on afternoon Suddenly different emotions flooded and wonderful images come to my head. I start to see petals, flowers, leaves in empty spaces on paper.

Yesterday I could sit hours making decision where to move forward what to place here and there put to the bin even! Now I could watch on a rough 1st layer and see beautiful painting.

Shifting take place.
Original horse watercolor by Olga Peregood SOLD
I was received new pleasure in my art life - to feel emotions and to create paintings from my imagination. My creativity became much more wider. I and my imaginary painting are working together selecting different ideas on future painting. And how cool to know who is responsible for final decision and realization!

Emotions are so high at that moment. I feel so strong confidence. I could paint absolutely anything with my imagination. I could turn any painting from any stage to complete amazing result!

I feel I am not alone in a room while I am painting. I feel presence like watercolor, paper, my imagination+emotions all of us take part in one party.



How the weather never be the same each day the same for painting. I have lucky days I have experimenting days I have quite days. I learn to adoption. Due to my moving to Canada from Belarus it`s seems like hole my life right now is continuing adoption.


Shift ✿ܓ Beautiful cute pictures are bored me

Now my art move to something new. It is changed something. I often found myself sitting and enjoying watching my paintings at 1st stage rather than begin work on the next. I know where I should go but I stop and enjoy.

I found bunch of paintings that kept to be done for later and I find all them already done without adding more details! I found my paintings become more loose and incompleteness.

Now I truly realized what watercolor a medium is. There is no way I could repeat the same effect again! I could repeat but the result will never be the 100% same. And I start appreciate this and use it and safe these lucky areas as it is.

I was lucky enough to have paintings where almost hole paper covered with lucky areas and it`s so hard to move forward not to ruin them. I learn to balance on saving amazing watercolors effects and to telling about subject I portray.

I have enough paintings to understand how the rush is dangerous. I learn to hear the painting and move on next stage when I am ready.

Beautiful and cute pictures are bored me. I want something special. I like to be confusing am really I painted it?


I attend skating lessons

I attend skating lessons for beginners. My eldest dream. I am the oldest pupil in our group. Kids think I am a second teacher ;)

Yesterday I come 30 minutes before the lesson and have opportunity to watch for seniors. All 30 minutes it seems like all they do is repeating falls. I may expect them to have a grumpy faces but instead they have the same face as they go to kiosk for newspaper! Once somebody falls next moment he or she rapidly jumps up and eager to repeat the trick fall.

This evening make me many food for my mind about successful state of mind, attitude to mistakes and falls. Not only in skating or in painting but in other spheres of my life too!

I bought safety protective gear and gonna be on fire nest lesson!


Shift ✿ܓ Time to accept

Original architecture watercolor by Olga Peregood

I have paintings sometime that from 1st layer are so perfect that I put them in the morning on my easel and put out. I can't touch them, but my habit to develop in stages and charge to finish have to repeat my motion next morning again. So these pictures hither and thither.

I think it is time for me to accept they are already perfect and place them in portfolio as it is. But once they are gone I lose so much pleasure admire every morning.

It`s so hard to be an artist!


My watercolor friend ❖ Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue

I like to talk about my recent paintings, behind the scenes and sharing art journey. But most of all I like topic about my palette. I know there are many talented painters from my readers. Colors are our best friends. So lets go on party now!
My watercolor friend ❖ Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue by Daniel Smith
My watercolor friend ❖ Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue by Daniel Smith from here
 When I want party or surprise on my painting I take Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue by Daniel Smith. When people and friends wonder about my new bag with my watercolor abstract printed on it from my shop I always ask them what this effect looks like?

society6 TOTE BAG 13" based on Original abstract watercolor by Olga Peregood
TOTE BAG 13" based on Original abstract watercolor by Olga Peregood
It`s so surprising me. There are always so different answers and associations with this color: sparklers, fireworks, salute, champagne, sun, dandelion, pollen! What just one color can do with your picture?!
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