Watch Olga done my hairs for`ya

HD video watercolor painting tutorial "Fuzzy & Fluey. Lama". The cover

 I like lamas. When I lived in Belarus in Minsk I saw lamas in zoo, and I saw lamas here in Canada in local farms also. Each time they make me smile. I cant wait to paint it! Its gonna be fun to paint this lama.


Full length HD video available for watching online by follow this link - http://lazywonderbrush.teachable.com/p/lama

My studio`s talisman

Pillow with chipmunk printed on it. For printing is used original watercolor of chipmunk by Olga Peregood
Look who decorate my studio! I have so much pleasure by painting this chipmunk when I first come to Canada and saw them everywhere near our house. Now my joy grow even more, because I turn it into nice pillow that decorate my studio right now.

My pillows based on my watercolor chipmunk became quite popular. I absolutely love them! This one from my studio is 16".

They also available in 18 and 20 inch.

My pillows are available for shopping online and delivery worldwide. For viewing a full collection of gift products based on these paintings visit my shop - http://bit.ly/1VQaleU



VIDEO Q&A ❖ What to start from ❖ Watercolor

I want to to film such a video to tell my story what I started from when I was beginner in watercolor. How I  begin to make tutorials and so on and so far.

Thank you for your questions. I was happy to make this video.
See you,
Good bue!



Backstage ❖ Watercolor painting tutorial "Fuzzy & Fluey. Lama" ❖ Cover

HD video watercolor painting tutorial "Fuzzy & Fluey. Lama". The cover

Each time I produce new tutorial I feel like "This is the best tutorial I did ever!" This time my feelings are so high. This film is a true magic. If you like watercolor as a medium and paint regularly you might know how hard to achieve so lucky fur effect. Imagine my feelings when I saw it in front of the camera!

Camera day was really blessed and it is a sign for me that I am on my way and to continue.

Right now video tutorial is passing through editing process. And very soon it will be available for watching online.

Editing process of watercolor painting tutorial "Fuzzy & Fluey. Lama"



Behind my shoulders ❖ Those Heavens!

Watercolor by Olga Peregood. Fragment
I am glad to share next subject for my "Behind My Shoulders" topic with you on my blog! Your e-mails, "Likes" on my Twitter and Instagram and nice comments force me to continue.

In new painting I want to show you that sometime painting is ready just from one session compare to previous watercolor step-by-step "Spring Joy" which has 8 stages and still in process.

The Heavens. Here. Are. Amazing.
A photo posted by Olga Peregood (@ladywonderbrush) on
Painting colors of sunsets in my countryside.

Behind my shoulders ❖ Those Heavens! ❖ Day 1 ❖ Stage 1
Watercolor by Olga Peregood. Still wet

My beautiful color wash is completely dry. Exactly what I aimed to achieve! I am so happy with that.

Behind my shoulders ❖ Those Heavens! ❖ Day 1 ❖ Stage 1
Watercolor by Olga Peregood. Completely dry layer
Behind my shoulders ❖ Those Heavens! ❖ Day 1 ❖ Stage 2
Watercolor by Olga Peregood. Adding landscape with cling wrap
Behind my shoulders ❖ Those Heavens! ❖ Day 1 ❖ Stage 2
Watercolor by Olga Peregood. Fragment. Removing cling wrap
Actually for this painting the most time I was waiting until my painting was drying rather than moving my brushes!
behind my shoulders topic by Olga Peregood

Behind My Shoulders

Is favorite topic on my blog where I am sharing how I paint in real timeline and in real stages in process.

In "Behind My Shoulders" I am painting just for myself. Not for demonstrations, tutorials, not for my paintings to be sold, where I haven't limits in time, deadlines, exhibition dates, etc. There truly I am painting.

In my studio I usually have 10-20 paintings in developing process. Usually I am working on several from them at one session. For "Behind My Shoulders" in blog I publish just one painting on purpose. So my readers might follow me and figure out how the painting develops in real timeline in stages.

On my tutorials you can see how painting magically appears just in 30 minutes! I don`t want to deceive my viewers as for filming process I should speed up, also film goes through editing process with cutting.
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