Paint from heart

Original watercolor painting by Olga Peregood. Private collection

This is the end of a year and I want to wrap my thoughts about my art and think about future plans. This year is very exploitative. I wear myself with different roles according to my art, experimented, I was brave enough to do things just for try before I decide like or no. The more roles I explore the more opened I became to something new. There is no thing on my way, which I is "yes, that's it!". I'm still learning and searching.

The more I step on my curious journey the clearly see things that I did from my heart. And I'm so happy such things emerged. So my plan for next year is keeping the way I do things from my heart.

I'm thankful I have the possibilities to paint almost every day and to share my art with the world. I'm thankful new people that let me know what they think about my teaching. Now I understand what and how to make better and even more exciting.

I had so complex and replete year I can't imagine where I will be in the next. I wish everyone explore as much as you can and enjoy both success and mistakes on your art journey. I wish everyone be brave to move from your comfort zone and try new things before you decide like it or not.


WOW Effects for cats

Hello, everyone! Well, who would believe that this simple technique from my course "Creating WOW Effects In Watercolor" that launched just yesterday

Original cat Älfchen watercolor portrait by Olga Peregood. First layer. Using salt effect for fur effect.
will turn into this?

Original cat Älfchen watercolor portrait by Olga Peregood. SOLD

You can now go watch it. Go on my Virtual Class via this link - http://lazywonderbrush.blogspot.com/2015/12/announcing-new-course-creating-wow.html

P.S. Thank you, magicmove, for providing me with your Älfchen cat from Germany photograph!



Announcing new course "Creating WOW Effects In Watercolor"

Second course "Creating WOW Effects In Watercolor" with Olga Peregood. The Cover
Hello, my dear readers and students! I'm teaching online so I supposed my student might follow me in this blog.

I honestly  don't know how explain my excitement right now . Because I am beyond the truth. Guys, my course came out!!! I shoot for 3 days. Basically we were get to the root, to the deep root how to create a water fish can't live without, how to gain such fur you eager to touch it, how to Let Wind To Play Beneath Leaves, what makes eyes looks glassy and so real. You can now go watch it. Go on my Virtual Class via this link - http://lazywonderbrush.blogspot.ca/p/shop.html

Trailer for second course "Creating WOW Effects In Watercolor" with Olga Peregood. Single frame

If you guys watch it, please leave me a comment, please give me some feedback! I love to know your thoughts, because this is a course that is totally open up to discussion, this is something that I wanna hear about, because its not just about me painting, in fact that I'm  in front of the camera, but it was complete not about me. It's about approaching all this things and learn about different ways in watercolor and at the same time its something so fun and great like creation.

So ...I'm so excited that you guys finally have the opportunity to check it out. So if you have a moment, enroll into this course, follow me on Twitter, Instagram, so you can updated with all new videos, things that come out.

When I first watched finished course with my fam and friends on a large screen in our living room, I was so excited how it all looks like! It's not a course like step by steps, watching me paintig. It's a course that goes a lot deeper and more attractive and engaging, that makes you wanting grab your watercolors and paint rapidly.

Please let me know what you think of it, please leave a comment in Virtual Class, when you enroll into the course. I worked hard on it. I had study I had repainting, I was...It was a lot of work!

Thank you to everybody who enroll, take the opportunity.

So go watch it, go enroll into the course in my Virtual Class. I love you, like a crazy.

About course

Since I start teaching my first stop was give you the basics and I'm explored the latest watercolor techniques, some extreme effects with salt, even dive into destroying pigments you already have….that was a lot of fun and my first course "Watercolor Treasure Chest" I launched recently.

After basics my next stop is effects and I'm going explore the ways, techniques, tips and tricks that create WOW effects on painting. There are will be not just cats as everyone might think because of the cover. Surprise! Flowers, deer, fish, and many more other different subjects even dive into free experimenting and face on what happens….that is my second course "Creating WOW Effects In Watercolor"!

Watch trailer for my second course "Creating WOW Effects In Watercolor"- http://lazywonderbrush.blogspot.ca/p/shop.html



How to look cute when you just woke up

Hello, everyone!
Let me introduce...This is Mickey. Thank you, SAVVY88 from USA, for letting me paint him in my favorite medium watercolor.

Mickey just woke up.
He just woke up. And while he get dressed let's choose color palette for him.

Exclusive step by step tutorial!

This is very first layer, light sketch but without a pencil. Lucky one. I already see my subject, aren't you?

Original Mickey portrait watercolor bu Olga Peregood. Stage 1. Light sketch and palette

Connect color dots with water and see more colors while mixing process.

Color palette for future dog portrait

Once we happy with the palette let's go forward! Paint Mickey's left eye and nose with dark bold color.

Original Mickey portrait watercolor bu Olga Peregood. Stage 2. Adding eye and nose

He is looking at me. Already. Leave his right eye for later or forever. Paint an ear, so Mickey can hear us.

Original Mickey portrait watercolor bu Olga Peregood. Stage 3. Adding an ear

Continue develop top edge of a head, work on negative shape and a background. Look painting is almost done! Finally using Quinacridone Red and Purple from palette.

Original Mickey portrait watercolor bu Olga Peregood. Stage 4. Adding background

Wait while salt completely dry and paint soft fur. And that's it! Good morning, Mickey! Iwish everyone looks as cute as you when woke up in the morning!

Original Mickey portrait watercolor bu Olga Peregood. Final result
The moment I showed watercolor painting to owner I received another request to paint bulldog from another customer! I'm so busy artist right now.


What makes you a professional

Hi, everyone! It was most of the complex time of my life. New country, new life, changes, transformations. New role as a professional artist, watercolorist and a teacher. And the most exciting as well. I met so many wonderful and talented artists and friends. I had happy days. With my art and continue to paint helped overcome the most hardest and unhappy days.

I learned so much. I figured out that your growth as a professional it's not about just became a master of techniques and ability to capture different subjects with excitement. It's about be strong and continue do what you do in the most dark and hardest time in life. When everyone give up and fall, continue to go your way and your dreams.

Next day I posted Santa snow come. I get up in the morning and saw spectacular Christmas scene behind my window. Everything was white, perfect lighting and I painted as I missed this white daylight I didn't enjoy so long time!

I thought a great way to start my Christmas sale, wrap all tutorials made in 2015 in one set.
All tutorials made in 2015 in one set



Two mexican pairs of eyes staring at me

Original Simon and Bruno watercolor painting by Olga Peregood
Hello! Yesterday post we talk about wet blur layer which is going to be a Bruno portrait.
Today Bruno has a friend Simon and they both magically come alive on my table easel. Bruno and Simon were rescued and adopted in Canada. They both loved so much so an owners asked me to paint them in my style in watercolor recently.

To say I enjoyed paint these guys is to say nothing. Since two pairs of eyes staring at me I had a special moments painting. Thank you Michelle and Jody for make this experience happened in my life. I feel like I should pay!

Original Simon and Bruno watercolor painting by Olga Peregood


I don’t really have a good eye of an artist like you do

Bruno watercolor portrait in process by Olga Peregood

Hi, there! Watercolor is so beautiful medium in process when colors are still wet. I want to sit and enjoy watching colors mixed together and how new watermarks forms as time goes by and painting dries, imagining possibilities I can use those for painting.

BUT. There are several issues came from my students: "I don’t really have a good eye of an artist like you do. You’re able to see the roses, faces, leaves hidden in the paint and brought them to life. It amazed me".

I became an artist not in one day as my skill to see future subject in wet blur wash.  I learned. And I know how hard it in the beginning to believe you can. That is why I love to share. And I am still learning and want you too! If you watched my "Watercolor Treasure Chest" I explained in details how to build your skill and open your imagination.

I can't wait tomorrow morning I continue to work on Bruno portrait. Bruno was rescued from Mexico and now he is adopting in Canada.

Come and watch how I paint dog commissions in this tutorial "Guess What It Is?" - http://lazywonderbrush.teachable.com/p/ladywonderbrush-tutorials-2015




Fingers cross!

Behind the stage of filming upcoming course "Creating WOW Effects In Watercolor"
Hello, everyone! I was so busy last week. It was hot days filming my next course "Creating WOW Effects In Watercolor". I received so many requests on what to paint using techniques you discovered in this Watercolor Treasure Chest's course! And the most popular were....PETS! 

I cover so many subjects in this course so fingers cross editing and producing the finished course fit before Christmas.

Tomorrow I will add final touch and show you one of my recent painting and how I choose right colors before start to paint. This one is so bright in colors and good example fro that aim.

I hope your exercises goes well. My exercises in next class will use every technique from my course "Watercolor Treasure Chest". The more you master this class the more fun you will have later.

You can join "Watercolor Treasure Chest" via this link - http://bit.ly/2h8avC9

Have a nice day and paintings,
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