I want something cute 4 U

My backstage of filming new course "Something Cute 4 U" by Olga Peregood
Hello, everybody!

Since I launched my first course "Watercolor Treasure Chest" and "Creating WOW Effects In Watercolor" I received so much wonderful reviews and requests on what to paint in the future. So I want something cute for you. And I'm glad, finally, filmed the most part of it.

This course is about atmosphere in which successful paintings are come to life. I Invite you to my quiet peaceful place while I'm painting. More me as an artist and my artist reactions on what's happening on the paper. I want to Show you my mood and inspiration while in process. Because this is so important, no one teacher can tell you about!

I'm a professional artist and became a teacher not so long time ago. I saw so many courses, DVDs and masters. There is a lot of information about techniques, materials and there is no information about creation process. This is why I need to share this information with you.

Eyes - windows of a soul. I want real impression of eyes. I give you my state of mind when I just let colors flow freely and mix together, share the joy just in process.

Fur - I don't want the viewer see just fluffy fur. I want my viewer to touch it...with watercolor, I show you how playful you can be.

I want to show you how with less details catch the form and subject. Details, final touches - how to work on second layer. Where to add little touches for finished result, moving gradually and how using photograph.

Materials - I will talk about materials I use, colors, open potential and possibilities of those techniques for other paintings, for other subjects and my artist tips how to work with this lesson for more effective grow of your art.

I can't wait it'll be published!
Have a nice day,


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