You like it? I will give you!

Original rose watercolor painting by Olga Peregood from Periscope painting session
Welcome everybody, welcome my new artist-friends! I'm so happy to meet you and hear from you. Thank you for sharing with me my art journey and joining me in my recent Periscope LIVE broadcasts.

During my recent painting periscoping a true magic was happened. This rose which was given by my mom on my birthday as a gift which is appeared on my easel is... If you like I'll give you! As it was created during LIVE demonstration and you influenced on me and my decisions this is a collaboration work created together with you. I decided to give this painting to you.

How to get this painting

Make a simple Instagram or Twitter post like you usually do (post a photo, text, thought like you usually posting) and type #lazywonderbrush

And that's it! Super easy. In a few days I will choose randomly one person and find you and contact you to send you rose painting by post. Everyone is welcome, every country.

My Periscope and Twitter: @lazywonderbrush


  1. This painting is so beautiful, I cross my finger and hope it will find its way to me =)

    Nicole N

  2. Just Stunning Olga...so delicate and ethereal..i can smell the roses..fabulous !!work welldone..I would treasure it..gorgeous


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