Busy, tired and happy

Original watercolor Kirby portrait painting by Olga Peregood. SOLD
Hello! What a busy day. I just replayed on my students exercises from my course "Watercolor Atmosphere: Something Cute 4 U", worked on new video for YouTube channel, sent painting to customer, Periscoped today and shared this funny Kirby painting with you.

There were a lot of dogs and cats in my studio. Some of them fly to USA, Canada, Germany. I love them all so I can't choose which one to show!

Look at this one. This is Kirby from Chicago my customer pulled photo from friends facebook and asked me to paint. She gonna give to friend the gift of the painting. It's fun I can't even imagine to receive such a gift!? Next week happy owner asked me to paint more two for her mom.

I love what I do and I meet every new order, event or idea with open heart. You never new which one brings you into the most wonderful place or emotion.

I wish everyone to enjoy what you do and continue to meet something new in your art and life,


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  1. Olga,
    Just love your style! You make it look so easy....
    Thank you for sharing your tips and techniques. I have learned a lot!����


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