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Hi, there! There are so many dogs and cats paintings I posted so you might think I paint only them (in my last watercolor course "Something Cute 4 U" I showed how I paint cute kittens as well).

I paint everything and I like to set a challenge to paint something new. As I start accept requests from my customers I learn so much. I deep into fashion industry even...by watercolor.

This is another unique project for luxury fashion agency. Creation process as magical as this dress. I applied my favorite technique with salt for decoration. Waiting while watercolor makes gorgeous decor on my dress.

Original wedding dress watercolor painting by Olga Peregood. For request. Still wet. Fragment
When paper dry I found my dress completely done and decorated exactly I wished it to!

Original wedding dress watercolor painting by Olga Peregood. For request
"Wow!!!! This is spectacular!!!! I am so happy with them! AAAAAA +++++++++++!!!!!!!!!! You did a fabulous job. I could not be more pleased!"
A., happy customer

The more I paint the more this magical medium surprises me. Watercolor let me be lazy, free, not worry much about details and explore, explore, explore.


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