Escape winter

Hi, there! It's pure winter there.

Locked by Nature

Nature wants me to stay in a house and make Periscope demos for you. Until now all my Periscope sessions will be stored (good news!). This is my today's fun time spent in my studio. I escape winter by painting roses as I did year ago.

And this is what I end up with. Can't wait tomorrow morning remove a cling wrap and see petals, leaves and maybe make one more Periscope session with you...

Original watercolor roses painting by Olga Peregood. First layer, still wet.
Created while demonstration on Periscope @lazywonderbrush
Techniques I used for my roses is from my tutorial "Escaping Winter. Roses" - http://lazywonderbrush.teachable.com/p/escaping-winter-roses

Have a nice day and paintings,

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