Watercolor practice exercises

Original watercolor roses painting by Olga Peregood from vlog "6th April" for YouTube channel
Adding a cling wrap for leaves illusion
Hello, my dear viewers! Today is very special vlog right from my art studio for you to see how do I actually paint in watercolor, enjoy the beauty of this medium and explore together with me!

Watercolor practice exercises

Basic techniques I used for my paintings I showed in my class for beginners "Watercolor Treasure Chest" - http://bit.ly/2h8avC9

For roses I used tutorial "Escaping Winter. Roses" - http://bit.ly/2g00SCX

For deer I used exercise from painting course "Creating WOW Effects In Watercolors" - http://lazywonderbrush.teachable.com/p/creating-wow-effects-in-watercolor

And this is a little taste of what's coming tomorrow.

Single frame from upcoming vlog on my YouTube channel [7th April]
I hope you like my watercolor practice exercises and vlog about my watercolor roses and Irish deer paintings. I can't wait to continue to make new vlogs for you!

Have a nice day,

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  1. Beautiful Vlog, Olga!!!!! Love what you did what that deer! I was thinking of signing up for WoW Effects or the flowers classes in a few weeks! Maybe even both!!! Happy Painting!


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