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Watercolor paint brand reviewsMatching color for my delphiniums
Hello, my dear artists and friends! Delphiniums are blooming for the very first time in my garden. Now I am playing with my palette to match different shades of violet and blue and choosing which one of delphiniums to paint (there are several different types of this wonderful flower)
Look at this one. Luckily, I have absolutely new tube Watercolor Cobalt Violet Deep by Daniel Smith to try for the very first time as well!

Watercolor paint brand reviewsWatercolor Cobalt Violet Deep by Daniel Smith from here. Wet swatch

So excited to paint my delphinium with this tube from life in my garden. Wonderful warm up of busy day!
This is was one of my watercolor paint brand reviews today.
I purchased this tube via this link - http://bit.ly/290m4HC

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