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Me in my creative space in Belarus. Single frame from my Youtube vlog

I like my blogging!
I know there are just watercolor news here, but anyway... It organizes, it clears mind, it makes a wonderful feeling like you have a magic box and play with content in it, which you create by yourself. And also for me it is an excellent practice in English, he-he.

I headed my blog about painting in my fav medium watercolor. It is a magic medium. And if someone ever asks me how do I stay positive and energized in my everyday life I will just link them to my blog for the answer.

I still don’t know how it works and may be this is good, but I bring so much from my painting. I don’t know how it works and why. So if it works, I will go on, no matter why and how it works.

For painting you don’t need anything at all, just a paper, tubes, water and a brush. So this is simplest. So if there are not lake, no warmly sunny days, or wild life, horses, then I paint. If they are - I paint too.

I am not an exhibiting artist whom works are sells in galleries,  I am painting just to be inspired during the day, and I enjoy these moments in my life. I step my way, I don’t know where it comes and what waiting for me on it, and I don’t want to know!

Perhaps that is why I like my blog, because I don’t know is anybody read it. I don’t care and I am free.



  1. Dear Olga,
    You are a very gifted lady and inspire us to paint and to enjoy learning and experimenting all the time. As you say, there is no right or wrong; simply keep trying and be amazed about the surprises the watercolours bring to the paper. Thanks so much for sharing all your work.

  2. You are always a joy to watch. I don't share many of my paintings as I don't feel they are very good. But im always trying and paint in some medium everyday. At the moment I'm doing some painting on glass. A person wanted me to paint on wine glasses. Ive done lots of glass painting. So now i try to learn the wonder of watercolor painting.


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