Happy rabbit owner

Became a happy rabbit owner

Hello, dear readers of my blog! Time is flying, I missed so many wonderful news in my art and life here merited to be highlighted. It seems like my way of keeping  chronological list of my publications, lessons, and painting history is like my "lazywonderbrush" painting style! Please, sorry I don't so organized yet.

I'm going to fill this gap by writing next posts. A few days ago we become a happy rabbit owner  of 2 little babies and this event cover all others news right now. I'm absolutely loosed control when 2 cuties are near around. These guys are absolutely adorable and me, my fam and friends are glued to them! We are all thinking about nice names suited to their rabbit personalities as long as pet caring.

We took them from horse farm where I attend my horseback riding lessons. This place is where my heart is actually living.

I never feel so happy as right now!


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