Painting watercolour roses with freedom

Original "Beauty never fades" watercolor painting by Olga Peregood. In process
I have so much pleasure painting watercolour roses with freedom working from imagination. Take photo of flowers away. Take all thoughts away. Imagining some mood memory or image that I am going to portray and start move my brush in spontaneous way. Choosing and adding colors instinctively intuitionally. Watch what happens, noticing happy areas, beautiful areas, interesting areas. Follow until 1st layer will be finished.

If I was followed by subject or photo I can't gain such effects. Only work with watercolor together I can concentrate on beautiful watermarks\color combinations and save them. If I follow foto\subjects I could easily ruin them and even not notice them.

Could I create this 1st layer from photo? This is 100% me. My imagination, my taste, my choice of color and my emotions and my brush.

There are watercolor painting tutorial "Escaping Winter. Roses" how I painting watercolour roses with freedom is available via this link - http://bit.ly/2g00SCX


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