Easy things to watercolor paint [marigold]

Original marigold flower watercolor painting by Olga Peregood.
Single frame from YouTube vlog
Hi, everyone! There are million subjects to paint in my garden this August. Did you noticed how bright and strong sunshine and lighting in August? It tends me to choose very bright orange watercolors. This time my eyes caught by marigold growing near my pond.

Me in my garden in Belarus. Choosing next subject to paint in watercolor
I picked up my marigold flower and bring it to my studio. I had so much fun time by painting it. Luckily, I filmed the all process from the beginning to the very end. This little session and this marigold flower are so easy things to watercolor paint. Please, come and join me in my cozy studio and look behind my shoulders how I paint - https://youtu.be/xIr2EEIUuxs


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