Artist studio space

My artist studio space
Hi, everyone! I always dreamed to have my own studio, quite cozy space where I can come and work anytime I want to and where I don't need to set off equipment, where I can cover the floor with paintings and leave them laying.

The reason my dream come true is because I didn't give up on it, through the years I continually worked and push myself in the most hardest times in my life.

I wish everybody their dreams come true!

In this video on my YouTube channel I took my camera and walked into my artist studio space to show you very beginning of design and development creative space for my upcoming magic events.

My chipmunk pillow and bag are available for shopping online worldwide via this link - http://bit.ly/2aGG1R1


  1. I'm so happy for you in your new studio! I was also a Graphic Designer in Alberta, Canada for many years. I never had the time or energy to paint after working on technical drawings all day. Now I'm home and have time to garden and paint and I fell in love with watercolour! Because of my technical background I needed to 'learn' how to loosen up and your tutorials are very fun and informational. Now that I have found you and subscribed, I can't wait to see what you paint next! Much happiness, Shanann

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