Flower Techniques For Roses

Cover for YouTube vlog. Roses paintings comes out in a creative space of my new home
Since I started to paint in watercolor my life continually changes.  Watercolor become my philosophy, it`s a state of mind, which comes from things I have always dream to aim for in my life - freedom, positive thinking, letting go life as it is, uniqueness, wellness and this process are still long!

One month pass since we moved and live in a new home. I don't know where is time gone, but it was the best time in my life! I absorb empty spaces and empty rooms imagining what will be placed and searching new colors and shapes to create as warm and cozy atmosphere as possible, to create a best space where to live, laugh and work. I absolutely fall in love with everything: the town, the community, neighbors, the house, the garden. List of 50 offers and 1500 km my husband being driven to find this land are worth it!

Original roses watercolors paintings by Olga Peregood. In process
I love my new town, the atmosphere. I tried to express somehow what I feel and somehow it come out as these 2 painting of roses. I certainly will plant many roses in my new garden!

There is my first watercolor tutorial I made year ago "Escaping Winter. Roses" available via this link - http://bit.ly/2g00SCX and roses still are my favorite subjects to paint, flower techniques are the same!

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