Simple still life paintings :: raspberries

Original raspberries watercolor exercise by Olga Peregood
Process of searching right colors
Colors we choose for simple still life paintings are very important. Before paint raspberries think which colors to choose to make a viewer wants to eat it?! Spent as much scraps of paper as needed and try as many color combinations as you have until you have this feeling "Yes, I want to eat this raspberries"!

There are my chosen colors for my raspberries demonstration from my Periscope session (replay on my YouTube channel). But always rely on your own taste and choose from your exercises!

Raspberries watercolor sketches by Olga Peregood
Single frame from YouTube vlog and Periscope painting demonstration
  1. Watercolor Alizarin Crimson by Winsor & Newton - http://bit.ly/1U9L3s9
  2. Watercolor Opera Rose by Winsor & Newton - http://bit.ly/25ITzFM
  3. Watercolor Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue by Daniel Smith - http://bit.ly/25IVoTb
  4. Paper - http://lazywonderbrush.blogspot.ca/2015/04/9-meters-of-fun.html
  5. Brushes - http://bit.ly/2d73yeh
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