Blue lotuses

Original blue lotus watercolor painting by Olga Peregood

Hi, there! I'm so busy right now. There are tones of paintings, videos, projects and information about upcoming events are waiting to be sorted, planned, published so my head is spinning.

This is one of my projects I made for request for my customer. I found several shoots of between stages. This is beautiful painting and I glad to find a few minutes to tell the creation story of it on my blog today.

As usual, starting with matching properly color scheme.

Palette of colors for future blue lotus.
This is my first layer. I'm already happy with it and if I painted it for myself I'll leave it as it is.

Original blue lotus watercolor painting by Olga Peregood. First layer.
Don't wait while paper dry and continue to paint petals. I like how beautiful watermarks are starting to form on petals.

Original blue lotus watercolor painting by Olga Peregood. Second layer
On 3rd stage I added a tiny lines and my artist signature and that's it!

Original blue lotus watercolor painting by Olga Peregood
I don't stop and paint 3 more lotuses so my customer on a huge challenge which one to choose for her project!

Have a nice day and painting sessions,


I want something cute 4 U

My backstage of filming new course "Something Cute 4 U" by Olga Peregood
Hello, everybody!

Since I launched my first course "Watercolor Treasure Chest" and "Creating WOW Effects In Watercolor" I received so much wonderful reviews and requests on what to paint in the future. So I want something cute for you. And I'm glad, finally, filmed the most part of it.

This course is about atmosphere in which successful paintings are come to life. I Invite you to my quiet peaceful place while I'm painting. More me as an artist and my artist reactions on what's happening on the paper. I want to Show you my mood and inspiration while in process. Because this is so important, no one teacher can tell you about!

I'm a professional artist and became a teacher not so long time ago. I saw so many courses, DVDs and masters. There is a lot of information about techniques, materials and there is no information about creation process. This is why I need to share this information with you.

Eyes - windows of a soul. I want real impression of eyes. I give you my state of mind when I just let colors flow freely and mix together, share the joy just in process.

Fur - I don't want the viewer see just fluffy fur. I want my viewer to touch it...with watercolor, I show you how playful you can be.

I want to show you how with less details catch the form and subject. Details, final touches - how to work on second layer. Where to add little touches for finished result, moving gradually and how using photograph.

Materials - I will talk about materials I use, colors, open potential and possibilities of those techniques for other paintings, for other subjects and my artist tips how to work with this lesson for more effective grow of your art.

I can't wait it'll be published!
Have a nice day,



Pink dog. Why not?

Hello everyone! I was lucky enough to share this dog painting demonstration LIVE on Periscope. There were so happy moments we spent together so I can't not to show you some stages on my blog.

Original dog watercolor painting by Olga Peregood. First layer. Wet
I used favorite technique from my course "Watercolor Treasure Chest" for fur effect. Look how salt start to form fur for me.
Original dog watercolor painting by Olga Peregood. Fragment with salt effect in process.
Next day I was so busy. I filmed all day my new watercolor course which a secret for this moment. In the evening I felt so tired but my wish to continue to work on this dog turned into one more artscope LIVE on Periscope. This is a result of our session here.

Original dog watercolor painting by Olga Peregood.
Painted on LIVE Periscope session
Thank you everyone who joined me LIVE and my playback Periscopers and friends! Thank you for hearts, sharing, questions and comments which made my broadcast so entertainment and fun!

Have a nice weekend and paintings!



You like it? I will give you!

Original rose watercolor painting by Olga Peregood from Periscope painting session
Welcome everybody, welcome my new artist-friends! I'm so happy to meet you and hear from you. Thank you for sharing with me my art journey and joining me in my recent Periscope LIVE broadcasts.

During my recent painting periscoping a true magic was happened. This rose which was given by my mom on my birthday as a gift which is appeared on my easel is... If you like I'll give you! As it was created during LIVE demonstration and you influenced on me and my decisions this is a collaboration work created together with you. I decided to give this painting to you.

How to get this painting

Make a simple Instagram or Twitter post like you usually do (post a photo, text, thought like you usually posting) and type #lazywonderbrush

And that's it! Super easy. In a few days I will choose randomly one person and find you and contact you to send you rose painting by post. Everyone is welcome, every country.

My Periscope and Twitter: @lazywonderbrush


Painting loose watercolors. Dog-roses

Painting loose watercolors
Random frames from dog-roses video tutorial on You Tube
Hello, my readers of my blog! I'm so happy wake up in the morning and read wonderful messages from my students all over the world and find out how much they love my blog, my paintings, tutorials.

I have a good news for you. There is an old last summer video tutorial of dog-roses from my garden are waiting to be edited and published. Finally, tomorrow I will post wonderful painting loose watercolors tutorial on my You Tube channel.

If you enjoyed exercises #2 Unusual Color Combinations and #5 Charming Imperfection (splattering) from my course "Watercolor Treasure Chest" you will love it! There is a good example how you can use cling wrap to portray leaves and greenery on your paintings as well (4 Lazy Artist Technique (cling wrap).

I can't wait to share my joy of working in watercolor and painting dog-roses with bright vibrant colors.

You can join "Watercolor Treasure Chest" via this link - http://bit.ly/2h8avC9
Come and watch dog-roses video tutorial and list of materials I used in it via this link - https://youtu.be/PDcJcYdZ__s

Have a nice day and painting loose watercolors,


Sweetest Christmas gift ever!

Original Frodo watercolor portrait by Olga Peregood for commission
Original Frodo watercolor portrait by Olga Peregood for commission

Hi, there! This is my first blog post in 2016. Looking back on 2015 I have so much happy paintings, events, moments. Since I start to paint in watercolor and step on my art journey there is every new year more interesting and full of happy moments. I already overwhelmed by creative ideas for future paintings, teaching sessions and events are waiting to be launched in 2016.

I continue receive e-mails from owners of my paintings they received on Christmas and how much they love their paintings! I can't imagine to receive such a gift!

My heart is full of joy thankful to my students of my 2 last courses "Watercolor Treasure Chest" and "Creating WOW Effects In Watercolor". I'm so glad to become a teacher in 2015!

There is beautiful trailer on my YouTube channel of my last course "Creating WOW Effects In Watercolor"

Go and watch course "Creating WOW Effects In Watercolor" via this link - http://lazywonderbrush.teachable.com/p/creating-wow-effects-in-watercolor

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