New video!

Fragment from video tutorial
Hello, everyone!

I continue to enjoy to be a teacher among YOU, my talented students and wonderful artists!

I was busy. I'm lazy artist and prefer to use watercolor techniques, expect them to paint for me and to enjoy watching. I like my style so much, but when it comes to share my knowledge it takes so much work!

There is a new video painting tutorial I edited and uploaded on my YouTube channel yesterday about how I paint leaves without a pencil.

The main point if this exercise is to show you one of the ways how to paint foliage for flowers as I found this is the most common questions among artists. We love flowers, paint them with a passion and feel not so enthusiastic when it comes for painting foliage for them.

Welcome to my YouTube channel and watch today's tutorial "Old Garden Hydrangeas tutorial [leaves technique]" .

Watch and let me know what you think about it!

 ☼ Thank you everyone who enrolled and left a positive review on my watercolor video painting tutorial "Escaping Winter. Hydrangeas". I highly appreciate this! ☼

 Have a nice day and painting sessions,


How I paint animals

SOLD. Original watercolor Lulu portrait by Olga Peregood. Fragment
"Olga did a great job with a very difficult subject - the black wrinkles of my Shar Pei are really hard to see in photos but she got them!"
M., happy owner

Hello! Each time I paint I fall in love with my subject. Every time I feel like this is my new favorite friend. So let me introduce my new friend to you.

Lulu is a black Shar Pei. Her coat is actually a very, very dark brown. She is a very sweet, loyal dog. Being a Shar Pei, her wrinkles can make her look concerned or worried, but she is a very happy girl.

If you animal portrait artist you will love my tutorial "Guess What It Is" via this link - http://lazywonderbrush.teachable.com/courses/enrolled/guess-what-it-is

Watercolor painting tutorial "Guess What It Is" by Olga Peregood. The cover.


Roses on Periscope. Stage 2. REPLAY

Periscope LIVE demonstration how to paint roses in watercolor by Olga Peregoood
Hi, my dear readers of my art blog! This is first layer of roses demo from previous Periscope session.
Original white roses watercolor demo by Olga Peregood. First layer.

If you interested how this first layer turns on next stage you are welcome to watch replay here:

Can't wait to remove a cling wrap!



Original watercolor paintings by Olga Peregood,  2015-2016. SOLD
Hi, there! There is a unique story behind each of painting, about each customer and each new home, cafe or office where story will be continued. As an artists we have such a possibility to watch how our subjects come to life, how our paintings are loved and how happy become our customers. And I strongly believe the most beautiful story from all - is that which we can't see. We never know how by single piece of art we influence on anybody else!



Escape winter

Hi, there! It's pure winter there.

Locked by Nature

Nature wants me to stay in a house and make Periscope demos for you. Until now all my Periscope sessions will be stored (good news!). This is my today's fun time spent in my studio. I escape winter by painting roses as I did year ago.

And this is what I end up with. Can't wait tomorrow morning remove a cling wrap and see petals, leaves and maybe make one more Periscope session with you...

Original watercolor roses painting by Olga Peregood. First layer, still wet.
Created while demonstration on Periscope @lazywonderbrush
Techniques I used for my roses is from my tutorial "Escaping Winter. Roses" - http://lazywonderbrush.teachable.com/p/escaping-winter-roses

Have a nice day and paintings,
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