Easy watercolour paintings [ fish, bubbles ]

Fragment of  painting
for watercolor class "Fish. Bubbles. Easy watercolour paintings"
by Olga Peregood
Hello! I hope you'll enjoy my watercolor painting class "Fish. Bubbles. Easy watercolour paintings" as much as I do! This class is just 10 minutes, but I'm so impressed how much you can learn from it!

  • we made an exiting 1 wash and turn it into water fish can't live without
  • learn colors
  • mixed them together
  • made beautiful watermarks
  • apply salt effect and turn it into bubbles
  • and tissue for corrections
  • composition
  • and harmony by direction and color
  • how to be loosed and confident while painting
Original watercolor painting "Fish. Bubbles" by Olga Peregood
Come and watch Trailer and Join Class via this link - https://youtu.be/Emk_hb4XEeE



How to draw bird feathers in watercolor

Watercolor painting tutorial how to draw bird feathers by Olga Peregood.
The cover for "Wings On Wind: How To Paint Wings And Make Your Subject Fly Away From The Paper" 

Time is flying! In this post I will highlight wonderful event - launching my watercolor painting tutorial "Wings On Wind: How To Paint Wings And Make Your Subject Fly Away From The Paper" about how to draw bird feathers.

This tutorial how to draw bird feathers and beautiful painting of white goose is result of searching and experimenting with watercolor. I tried to portray the feeling of moving and flying bird as long as fluffy feathers. I'm so happy to have this tutorial in my collection of discoveries I already made and shared.

Subjects you can paint using technique from this tutorial and wonderful results you can achieve are giddy! Imagine to paint white snowy top of a mountings using this tutorial!

Come and watch trailer on my YouTube channel via this link - https://youtu.be/XgbGavn3J04



Happy rabbit owner

Became a happy rabbit owner

Hello, dear readers of my blog! Time is flying, I missed so many wonderful news in my art and life here merited to be highlighted. It seems like my way of keeping  chronological list of my publications, lessons, and painting history is like my "lazywonderbrush" painting style! Please, sorry I don't so organized yet.

I'm going to fill this gap by writing next posts. A few days ago we become a happy rabbit owner  of 2 little babies and this event cover all others news right now. I'm absolutely loosed control when 2 cuties are near around. These guys are absolutely adorable and me, my fam and friends are glued to them! We are all thinking about nice names suited to their rabbit personalities as long as pet caring.

We took them from horse farm where I attend my horseback riding lessons. This place is where my heart is actually living.

I never feel so happy as right now!



Blog Of Art By Olga Peregood

Me in my creative space in Belarus. Single frame from my Youtube vlog

I like my blogging!
I know there are just watercolor news here, but anyway... It organizes, it clears mind, it makes a wonderful feeling like you have a magic box and play with content in it, which you create by yourself. And also for me it is an excellent practice in English, he-he.

I headed my blog about painting in my fav medium watercolor. It is a magic medium. And if someone ever asks me how do I stay positive and energized in my everyday life I will just link them to my blog for the answer.

I still don’t know how it works and may be this is good, but I bring so much from my painting. I don’t know how it works and why. So if it works, I will go on, no matter why and how it works.

For painting you don’t need anything at all, just a paper, tubes, water and a brush. So this is simplest. So if there are not lake, no warmly sunny days, or wild life, horses, then I paint. If they are - I paint too.

I am not an exhibiting artist whom works are sells in galleries,  I am painting just to be inspired during the day, and I enjoy these moments in my life. I step my way, I don’t know where it comes and what waiting for me on it, and I don’t want to know!

Perhaps that is why I like my blog, because I don’t know is anybody read it. I don’t care and I am free.



Painting watercolour roses with freedom

Original "Beauty never fades" watercolor painting by Olga Peregood. In process
I have so much pleasure painting watercolour roses with freedom working from imagination. Take photo of flowers away. Take all thoughts away. Imagining some mood memory or image that I am going to portray and start move my brush in spontaneous way. Choosing and adding colors instinctively intuitionally. Watch what happens, noticing happy areas, beautiful areas, interesting areas. Follow until 1st layer will be finished.

If I was followed by subject or photo I can't gain such effects. Only work with watercolor together I can concentrate on beautiful watermarks\color combinations and save them. If I follow foto\subjects I could easily ruin them and even not notice them.

Could I create this 1st layer from photo? This is 100% me. My imagination, my taste, my choice of color and my emotions and my brush.

There are watercolor painting tutorial "Escaping Winter. Roses" how I painting watercolour roses with freedom is available via this link - http://bit.ly/2g00SCX



Painting fur in watercolor for Persians

Original Persian watercolor portrait by Olga Peregood
Painting fur in watercolor tips
Hi, there! This post is inspired by two baby rabbits we owned just yesterday! I have Persian portrait commission and I thinking the way I could painting fur in watercolor.

Painting fur in watercolor for Persians

I used techniques from my two cutest kittens ever demonstrations I made recently in watercolor painting course "Creating WOW Effects in Watercolor" and my class "Something Cute 4U" to paint my Persian portrait commission as my subject has extremely fluffy fur. Now I have no excuse not to paint my babies with same techniques!

My new rabbit babies!
I wish everyone artist to approach painting fur in watercolor to feel this freedom of painting absolutely every fluffy and flue cutie!
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