How to paint foliage

Indigo and Hooker's Green watercolors
applied technique "Creating by Destroying"
from my class "Watercolor Treasure Chest"
I love flowers, continuously paint them. Each time by the way explore new ways to portray foliage/greenery.

Look at this greenery effect. I discovered it and titled "Creating by Destroying". I already showed this wonderful technique in my class for beginners "Watercolor Treasure Chest". Indigo and Hooker's Green by Daniel Smith mixed and washed away while flow. This is how to paint foliage! Since I approached this technique painting flowers become even more enjoyable process as I don't need worry at all about greenery.

I have spent many tubes with different green watercolor past summer as I tended to paint every single flower from my garden in Belarus. And I enjoyed using each tube of green watercolor. But this one come to my palette more often then the others. A pure green for me, juicy summer greenery in a tube! Such a treasure for lazy artist as me who don't want to think which colors to mix to gain green.

Applying my favorite technique from my class for beginners "Watercolor treasure Chest"
And this is one more fun way how to paint foliage by using a salt. This time I applied this technique not for fluffy fur but for interesting greenery for my tulips painting. I showed how to apply it as well in my class. It is such a pleasure to paint loose! Once you approach techniques and how to apply them for your subject you continuously feel this pleasure of creating and during the day collect new ideas for next! Sometimes I shared some of mine ideas in this blog. I hope you enjoy!

I purchased this Watercolor tube Hooker's Green by Daniel Smith via this link - http://bit.ly/291bfqE
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Art careers

Collecting my lovely prize for Giveaway "2K subscribers on YouTube"
Hello everybody! I'm sitting here in my art studio in Canada speechless how huge feedback on my Giveaway, about your encouragement, kind words about my channel and for motivating me in my art careers. As well as your favorite food choices. I love food, knowing you love the same food as I do as well as adding into my waiting list new delicious recipes from different countries so exciting!

My life changed so much and I know it will see even bigger changes as Now I clearly see where I'm heading...go offline and lock in my studio!

Teaching online, making new videos, tutorials, working on several commissions as well as running my everyday life, and to be asked how I handle all of that?  I am having the most wonderful time painting which heal, energize me and to be able to share this way is a blessing I really appreciate.......

I see new artists so it is lovely to meet you and thank you for your reply. Beginners enthusiasm excites me as much as the more advanced artists paintings.

And the friendships I am making along the way with artists who are far more advanced than I who make me feel like a complete beginner give the yearning in me to improve so much.

From all these incredible replies I feel I need to paint something even better! For that push and encouragement I can't thank you enough......

I run an application to randomly choose a winner who commented my Giveaway video.

I already contacted my winner and the moment you are reading this post my prize on it's way to Scotland, UK!

I am THRILLED you love my paintings as I adore your work and can't thank you enough for your reply as it has really motivated me to work harder.

Happy painting and again, thank you!


Mountain painting addition!

Mountain painting from video demonstration on Skillshare class "Wings On Wind" by Olga Peregood
 Idea of mountain painting come from one of my student on Skillshare class "Wings On Wind". White feathers I showed how I paint in this class was so beautiful. Idea to portray white caps of peaks using the same recipe is so appealing to me so I made exciting addition to my class! I'm continuously wondering on how talented my students are and how rich with creative ideas!

Skillshare class "Wings On Wind" by Olga Peregood
Please, come and watch my interpretations on how to paint whites in watercolor via this link - class "Wings On Wind: How To Paint Wings And Make Your Subject Fly Away From The Paper"




How to paint an orchids in watercolor

Original orchids watercolor painting by Olga Peregood. Fragment

When I spent 10 minutes in the morning to paint one of my customer's request I was so inspired by the result so I rapidly shared it among you, my dear followers. I love my orchids so much.

Color swatches for my orchids
Color gamma is simple and gorgeous. Look at these wonderful set I used for my orchids.
  1. Watercolor Perylene Maroon by Winsor & Newton - http://bit.ly/25HGzwP
  2. Watercolor Translucent Orange by Schmincke - http://bit.ly/25IkONv
  3. Watercolor Cadmium Yellow Deep Hue by Daniel Smith - http://bit.ly/25IVoTb
  4. Watercolor Brilliant Red Violet by Schmincke - http://bit.ly/28WDXUg
  5. Watercolor paper Arches aquarelle roll rough surface - http://bit.ly/1RVxw1G
  6. Win my favorite Russian watercolor brushes "Nevskaya Palitra" Kolinsky round sable size 6, size 3. Enter a GIVEAWAY before September,12, 2016 - https://youtu.be/qSEOsb5Bf9A
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Original orchids watercolor painting by Olga Peregood. For request.
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