Teaching watercolor to adults

Original "Washing Away" watercolor painting by Olga Peregood. 22" x 15" inches

Hi there! Thank you my dear reader of my blog. At the beginning when I started this blog about water & color I didn't know anybody read it. Those times I just arrived in a new country, my English needed hard definition, I faced so many things to deal with, I missed my family and friends, my favorite food and streets and activities I used to do.

I faced a deep hole which I didn't know how to fill.

Now I have friends almost in every country ready to help me what ever I need.

I made 100 videos on my YouTube channel teaching watercolor to adults, taught online courses and classes, held livestream sessions on Periscope, chat with my customers about commissions and paintings for sale.
I think my English get better since than. I can't explain why the number of my students growing crazy every day.

Visiting Niagara Falls

I have so many invitations and business requirements how to roll my art carrier in next year. I don't want to rush. I have to make a break to set up my priorities.

I know my favorites which I can't replace on anything else. This is my time for my family, my home and garden. This is my time for painting for myself which charged me with positives through hardest times in my life. And this is sharing, truly joy of sharing my joy with you, my dear reader.

We live in extremely wonderful time. I'm gonna continue to stay in touch with you via my blog, videos and ...oh, no!...finally I opened a Facebook Page!




Watercolor painting for beginners step by step 2016

All tutorials made in 2016 in one set. The cover

Hi, everyone! It was a year of continually transformations in every sphere of my life. I wish I could handle the same level of energy in a future. To see the reality so bright, clear and vibrant as well as keeping myself in inner peaceful space no matter it is stormy out the window or around me.

I want to say thank you, to you, my dear reader of my blog and follower of my art journey. I feel so much love, my feeling of us as a command, as a shared warm friendly space in which we are interact with each other become stronger each day.

It seems messy to pass through so many transformations as I did this year and there is no end, and I don't wish to. I love life as it is and I'm so happier right now!

By having continually growing numbers of students all over the world I thought I was not good enough and I indented to make my work more difficult and "make up". Fortunately, my followers gave me such a warm and wise support, encouraged me to simply be who I am. What a wonderful audience I have!

Watercolor painting for beginners step by step 2016

I thought a great way to start my Christmas sale, wrap all tutorials made in 2016 in one set "Lazywonderbrush Tutorials 2016" - http://lazywonderbrush.blogspot.ca/p/shop.html




Christmas painting ideas

Christmas painting ideas by Olga Peregood
Created while painting demonstration for Periscope livestream
Hello, my dear reader of my blog! It is Christmas coming... Here in Canada we do celebrate Christmas. Two month before shops are stocked with Christmas products. And today a month ahead and there are empty shelves. Luckily, I found some decorations for our Christmas tree.

This candy and a red bow were fine and simple subjects to paint in watercolor as Christmas painting ideas during my yesterday Periscope session.

I was so happy to find a time and make this demo for you among these busy days.

Magically by finishing this painting I feel happy, calm down and start to see things easily. Thank everyone who joined this event online live and for your wonderful interaction!

Come and watch a replay via this link - https://www.periscope.tv/w/1mnGejgANbYJX

See you very soon,
Have a nice day and painting session,
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