Must I create a finished masterpiece each time I paint?

When I started my blog I thought style I'm painting is very specific niche among painters and nobody reading my posts.

What a wonderful surprise to find out my audience is various and grows so quickly! My YouTube channel have got five thousands subscribers already.

I learn we all connected  by our love and passion we keep in our hearts. Often locked for so many years because of passing through ups and downs in life. Somehow artist in you by watching me happy while painting got a reminder  and artist starts to paint again.

This is my new video tutorial which I choose from many recording which didn't pass by parameter and waiting to be cleared some day because this painting session is exactly good example what is painting for me. There is no need to feel like I must create a finished masterpiece each time I paint and this video shows.

Do I must create a finished masterpiece each time I paint
Do I must create a finished masterpiece each time I paint?
Watercolor painting tutorial "Canadian landscape" - https://youtu.be/48l2M2wCcN8

I forgot to tell this is a landscape tutorial ( saved from one of my March online livestreams watercolor painting demonstrations)



Winners of my Giveaway announced

Congratulations to  Jeanne, Debra and Cori!

Thank everyone who joined this Giveaway.



Art supplies cheap. Closes in 24 hours

Hi, there!
Mostly new artists search for art supplies cheap "just to try" or sadly not allowing themselves to spent money or even worse...spare time for yourself.

High quality paper and brushes is the MUST. Pleasure and joy which comes while painting using good sable and rigger brushes will guide you forward times while your skill to turn mistakes into opportunities emerge.

It takes time to switch your negative vision of "mistakes" in painting. The best help is to stock with good quality materials to make your art journey enjoyable. Painting watercolor loose style builds gradually, don't ask much from you, stay open minded for what's happen on your paper, keep practicing, give a space and years for experimenting, making as many mistakes and possible.

[from top to bottom] Russian watercolor brushes "Nevskaya Palitra" mop rigger, Kolinsky round sable and synthetic

When I started my blog I thought style I'm painting is very specific niche among painters and nobody reading my posts. At those times I was a beginner (believe I feel that way today) just started to achieving first wonderful results and can't not to share my excitement.

What a wonderful surprise to find out my audience is various and grows so quickly! My YouTube channel have got five thousands subscribers already and I run this Giveaway!

If you want to win a wonderful pouch with set of 4 brilliant Russian professional watercolor brushes (I started from those brushes and still paint with them) to become an inspired artist don't miss this opportunity

I adore nature, animals and flowers. During my past 2K and 3K giveaways there were bags with animal on them. This time there are pouches with summer flowers. And this time there will be 3 winners! There are will be just 24 hours to close this Giveaway and we find out a winners here on my blog soon.



Painting pictures of love birds in watercolor

I've made a lovebirds tutorial!

You might remember from my vlog a few weeks back that I mentioned a lovebirds painting I’d created.

Well I’m currently sat in my kitchen with my cup of tea and lovebirds proudly are on a wall next to me like it’s a new members of the family!

I’m so proud of this painting as it’s literally my dream to sea lovebirds painted in my favorite medium.

It’s so funny and cute so it’ll looks nice at any wall.

It’s tropical juicy green, pink and yellow – my faves
It’s a combination of techniques in this tutorial of achieving lovely soft feathers and sweet faces with smiles which love birds have so it’s easy to fall in love with them
"Painting pictures of love birds in watercolor" is easy tutorial
It has lots of little tips and tricks
The stages are really long as it was recorded from one of my March livestreams!

So how did this come about?

I’ve created this video lovebirds family watercolor painting tutorial thank to Leslie from sunny South Africa whom story come to tears when I read it. Without Leslie this records would be laying waiting to be edited forever as audio of this livestream is really bad and I never thought to show this to my viewers. The idea my viewer going to see this wonderful subject with vibrant feathers was killed by the reason that first stage of painting was hold at night under electricity lighting and vibrant colorful feathers looked dull.

After reading Leslie's story and find out how watercolor tutorial could heal someone's heart how much she loves birds and especially my lovebirds painting which I fluently showed in one of my vlogs I started to prepare this video tutorial for publishing on my YouTube channel.

So when video was finished and ready to see, well, as you can imagine, I was pretty excited!

A lovebirds watercolor painting...tutorial!

I’m going to be sharing more details and more photos and video tutorial  showcasing the watercolor lovebirds on my YouTube channel. Here are some images to show you what it looks like.

Painting pictures of love birds in watercolor by Olga Peregood

Painting pictures of love birds in watercolor by Olga Peregood. Video tutorial. Single frame
If you'd like to see another little look at the lovebirds painting, take a look at my vlog - https://youtu.be/LdaaPu2iG5c?start=658

The tutorial "Painting pictures of love birds in watercolor" is available to watch via this link - https://youtu.be/ubMkf7NhfE0

Have a nice day,


Accessories trends Summer 2017

Hi, there! I'm not a huge fan of making prints from my art. I want my paintings to be unique in one exemplar. I have a special reason for my new pouches as I prepare prizes for upcoming Giveaway for my YouTube channel soon. There are 3 pouches based on my watercolor paintings launched this Summer.

Pouch with "Delphiniums" painting printed on it
Pouch based on original watercolor painting by Olga Peregood

This is pouch with delphiniums watercolor print is my favorite. You can see a demonstration on my YouTube channel how I paint this peace - https://youtu.be/_j_qqFUbUe8 . This delphiniums watercolor painting created last Summer 2016 in my garden when those wonderful flowers were in bloom. I'm so glad this painting tutorial and delphiniums become popular and loved by many too.

Pouch with "Roses" painting printed on them
Pouch based on original watercolor painting by Olga Peregood

My previous series of prints of bags and pillows was with chipmunk and squirrel. This year I want different and this is the second pouch with floral theme - roses.

Pouches with "Endless Summer" painting printed on them
Pouches based on original watercolor painting by Olga Peregood

This pouches called "Endless Summer" as I hold online watercolor painting demonstrations with the same title "Unlock Endless Summer" were I showed techniques to paint this summer bouquet. Each pouch available in three sizes. Medium size is my favorite and I'm going to include this one as my prizes for upcoming Giveaway. All three pouches are floral based which meet Accessories trends Summer 2017 ;)

Delphinium pouch is available for shopping online via this link - http://bit.ly/2tK8YIC
Roses pouch is available for shopping online via this link - http://bit.ly/2urYRG7
Endless Summer pouches are available for shopping online via this link - http://bit.ly/2sHLWCG

I wish you wonderful Summer ahead,



Fresh red roses in watercolor

Exploring to paint fresh red roses in watercolor from my garden in Canada
Hi, there!

Today Canada celebrates great event. Instead of  wearing signature Canadian red hat, T-shirt with maple leave and white shorts I paint fresh red roses.

Paint fresh red roses in watercolor right from my garden, feel warm air, listen birds is living a dream. I wish everybody reading my today blog post all your dreams come true no matter how small or big.

We're in a middle of a Summer already! What a brilliant time of a year for every artist.
I'm full of inspiration and ready for upcoming watercolor painting online artist friends meet ups in July.

July schedule is already sent to my contact list. Please, check out your email and book earlier as there are just a few days before first event starts. if you didn't received email, please contact me directly

Have a wonderful day,


What does a painter do

These peony watercolor painting techniques shared among students of June "Unlock Endless Summer"
Hi, there! I was gardening past month like a crazy. This is my first garden in a new place and in a new country after a loong break. My neighbor call me "hard worker" as she seemed to think gardening is only thing I do in life. I was shy to tell I'm a professional artist, because it means to admit this is what does a painter do!

My garden in Belarus is fabulous as my mom take care of it since my family moved to Canada. My mom brought up her love for gardening in me too.

I took a risk to grow roses in Canadian climate (every beginner has this feeling): I prepared the earth, take time to think about best place and mastering composting. I'm lucky because now we have roses in bloom, even in a first summer!

I took photos every day as buttons unfold and painted in a sunset. But most of all the beauty of this rose enjoy some wild creature who made a hole and built a house in the most beautiful places - right under the bush!

While buttons under the risk of fading and story to be continued wonderful peaces of roses appeared, new techniques and tricks how to paint my new roses in watercolor discovered and kept for July demonstrations "Unlock Endless Summer".

I'll be holding watercolor painting livestreams in July too. Dates will be send to my contact list very soon. Please, be ready to book a date earlier as there will be just a few days to register before first session starts.

Have a wonderful summer,


Loose watercolor landscapes for beginners

Loose watercolor landscapes for beginners
Loose watercolor landscapes for beginners. First wash

Hi, there! Today is wonderful warm and full of aroma morning as flowers everywhere in bloom here in Ontario, Canada. I feel excited not only my June watercolor painting online group is booked and there are a few hours before first session starts, but I can give many different tips and tricks during demonstrating as this is a perfect air to let my paintings dry quickly.

Painting in watercolor loose style is a process and takes stages to develop a painting. This is my "warm up" for upcoming loose watercolor landscapes tutorials. Let's see what I come up with tomorrow when palm trees will be added on top. I'm so happy to fit and cover many subjects (and Loose watercolor landscapes for beginners too) as paper going to dry quickly and wonderful results might appear with WOW effect at the end just in one day/ one take!

Registration for June schedule is closed. Thank you everyone who join me today via "At The End Of A Rainbow" watercolor painting session. I'm over the moon to meet you online via livestream soon!

Have a nice day,



Pet painting class in watercolor

Pet painting class in watercolor
Press "Shift+F5" button or "Reload" to repeat this animation
of puppy watercolor painting in development process 

Hello, my dear artists and friends! I must admit I have a constant group of artists attending every of my painting course. It gives me a challenge to keep every of my tutorial brand new and interesting. I don't paint one particular subject, I paint everything I see excites me as time goes by: flowers from my garden, sketchy seascape by travelling or pet painting class in watercolor, student's requests and more.

Learning and implementing new ideas for landscapes watercolor tutorials

It was a wonderful surprise to find out my painting style and style I'm teaching appealing to non-watercolor artists as well! Knowing artists who didn't paint for years start to paint again after my tutorials makes me so happy teacher. I received many touching stories from different people about how my art changed not only their paintings, but well-being and health.

I have so many inspiration seems like I could make a workshop every day. But I include so much into each session, so I need quality time to recharge and fulfill my energy.

I'm so happy to give "At The End Of A Rainbow" and "Unlock The Summer" painting demonstrations this month. And I'm over the moon to meet old friends and new artists this Summer.

I always glad to see you,


Painting hummingbirds in watercolor

Hello my dear readers of my blog! Last month I was quit my blog as I witched this my watercolor blog into May vlogs on my YouTube channel and had a great success by doing so.

Watch the video "Best of May vlogs" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfbtxPSR99Y

Happily I back to my graphic and ready to hold watercolor painting sessions. I already feel so excited about upcoming events this summer going to be fabulous as I overwhelmed by creative ideas as I received so many wonderful feedback, meet new wonderful and talented artists, received brilliant questions and requests during May vlogs.

I had wonderful week, rest from demonstrating in watercolor, gardening and enjoyed painting for myself.
Painting red rose hummingbirds in watercolor by Olga Peregood
Painting hummingbirds in watercolor by Olga Peregood
I implemented and tested many ideas and come out with exciting juicy content. Now, what do all these rose and hummingbird have in common? Except Both paintings hold watercolor Alizarin Crimson by Winsor & Newton... and except every of them my favorite subject to paint...

Roses don't have nectar, so they aren't feeding...

I'm eager to share my watercolor discoveries with my students this Summer (and painting rose and hummingbird in watercolor as well ;) 




At The End Of A Rainbow

Hi, there! Still wondering about insights and discoveries about watercolor painting continually come since I hold YouTube May thirty one vlogs and "May Spring Streams" for my students! I wrapped all together and made a one day event to give this information for more artists available. I already did such event in April and it was a great success:

Cori L.: "Olga, I can not thank you enough for such a wonderful live class! This really did help me focus on each small and manageable step...from how to look at a reference photo, come up with a plan, and the actual process of painting! I appreciate you taking us thru each step, and explaining what you were you seeing, doing and what to expect from your brush strokes! It was also very helpful to see how the paint and water reacted, and when to let the painting dry before adding more. I am sorry to miss the live stream tomorrow, but will definitely watch it as soon as I return home from work. I look forward to many more of these classes! Thank you so much! Olga, Thank you again for making the replay available to us who could not attend the Live presentation today. I sincerely enjoyed this "At the end of the Rainbow" series.... I got so much more information about the "loose painting process" in these extended live streams, and the ability to ask questions while you were painting really helped "fill in the blanks" for me. I was fearful of the loose style, even though I have all of your videos...but these live videos really helped me to see and understand so much more...Now I am actually EXCITED to give this a try! I look forward to doing more with you. Regardless, I look forward to seeing more from you."

Nancy Q.: "I wanted to tell you that I learned a lot from the lesson. I now realize that loose painting is not fast painting, but rather thoughtful instead. I used Iso green for my leaves and my crocus turned out quite lovely. See You tomorrow. Thank you"

 It is wired to watch at a beautiful painting and see formula and numbers behind it.
Crocuses watercolor painting by Olga Peregood
Created during April "At The End Of A Rainbow" online event
But, this is who I'm. People love my technical background. If you want refresh new view at watercolor free style of painting you are very welcome.

Tomorrow afternoon Wednesday 17th April 2017 from 11 AM to 1 PM (Toronto) I will go LIVE while my 2-hours afternoon painting session "At The End Of A Rainbow". Please, book earlier.

Register for my watercolor painting session LIVESTREAM "At The End Of A Rainbow" via this link - http://lazywonderbrush.blogspot.ca/p/shop.html#!/At-The-End-Of-A-Rainbow-Wednesday-17-May-2017/p/77617192/category=22094019



Flowers for painting in watercolor

flowers for painting in watercolor
Original watercolor Hyacinthus painting by Olga Peregood
while demonstrating for April "Spring Streams" online painting session 

Hi, there! My first Easter and Spring in a new home. Everything feels fresh: gardening flowers for painting in watercolor, renovation, taming my chinchilla ( this isn't Estrella, bunny, kitten or rat!) and holding online painting demonstrations! April "Spring Streams online painting sessions finished. We've painted everything  flowers, people, still life, landscapes, animals, birds, student's requests and eggs!

I look back at our artists meet ups and thrilled about every single time I have been demonstrating. There are a lot of impressions but the most strong of them - watch by my student's progress after.

Before April while planning what to include into the course I had such feeling of overwhelming and wanted to give everything I learned about watercolor painting at that moment. That must be a load off but instead I received so many. I am on anticipating my next spin in my art carrier.

I find out great adventures reveal extra strong. We never know what we are capable for before we try do! What a wonderful beginning of Spring!

Thank you, Marji from California for kindly letting me use your cat Monkey's photograph.

Thank you, Marleen, for beautiful magnolia. The reason why I choose to paint Marleen's magnolia which she sent me as one of request for today's "Spring Streams" painting online session is because it reminds me the wonderful times when I lived in China where I first time experienced this amazing flower in bloom in Spring. It is so huge!

Thank you, Sabina, for sharing your wonderful portfolio and permission to use your illustrations as a base for future paintings and Lidia Marina for sending flowers for painting in watercolor from your garden.

What is Spring Streams? - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjdypKlx7DM



Art supplies. Watercolor paper

Hello, me dear readers. It is such a pleasure to watch as time goes by my blog become popular. I'm receiving wonderful emails and stories from talented artists all over the world every day. Some of my followers before fall in love with my style confess that for want of some decent watercolor paper they have been watching my videos..! 

Paper - is the most common question among watercolor amateurs.

Last month my blog was nominated in "Top 60 watercolor blogs". Last week I was invited as an expert artist and requested to tell about my favorite watercolor art supplies. So I thought it will be wonderful to make such kind like "expert" article for that reason too.


Yesterday I hold a "Spring Stream" online painting session with my students and luckily achieved suitable material as we had a lot fun not only by experimenting how to paint people but painted them on different paper brands to compare.

I took my favorite watercolor paper brands Arches and Bockingford and a new one Indigo Canadian watercolor paper brand for my demonstration.

"Magicians" watercolor paintings by Olga Peregood while "Spring Streams" demonstration online
Comparing art supplies
Watercolor paper brands: Indigo (left), Arches (middle), Bockingford (right)

All three are excellent quality watercolor paper, pleasure to work with and best art supplies for artists. As you might see on my close up view photograph the vibrancy for all three are the same. You can see juicy green gold color is singing on each of pieces as well as ultramarine, quinacridone gold and violets.

Palette gamma for "Magicians" watercolor paintings by Olga Peregood while "Spring Streams" demonstration online
Comparing art supplies. Watercolor paper brands: Indigo (left), Arches (middle), Bockingford (right)

Painting people is a big fear among artists. By having such high quality art supplies from best watercolor brands you skip it. There is a huge joy to use them while painting. Enjoy watching those wonderful paints flow across beautiful surface of a paper - lifts your spirits and worth money spent.

All three pieces are rough surface. I'm lazy artist and grab every idea or technique which helps to achieve my goals in painting by painting less! This is why rough surface of watercolor paper is my favorite. Those pockets and sells filled with paints gives so intriguing effects.


"Magician "Bockingford"

I see soft gradual effect while colors mixed between each other. All three pieces are rough surface but such breeze effect and how colors blurred you might noticed only on Bockingford watercolor paper.

"Magician "Bockingford". Fragment

This is why I recommend Bockingford watercolor paper for paint gentle petals, soft quite landscapes or baby faces.


"Magician "Arches"

I placed Arches in a middle of three pieces in purpose. This is universal watercolor paper. You can see soft gradient effects as well  as rich watermarks.

"Magician "Arches". Fragmnet

Piece of Arches has more Rough surface than previous one but not extreme as the next. So this is visually convenient to place it in a middle too.

I used to paint a lot on this paper and seems like my hand "knows" it very well. Notice how different parts of clothes and figure, accessories more recognized more "lucky" compare to others no matter how rough movings and how limited time is while demonstrating online. Students of "Spring Streams" learn this feature effectively as they have an access to watch a replay videos after each session ends. 


"Magician "Indigo"

This is unique watercolor paper in Canadian art supplies. There is a potential for many discoveries in a future. My first impression was like mistery and each time I paint on Indigo watercolor paper I fill that I want to paint more to understand and explore it. You really should adapt and learn the way this paper drive. You should be sensitive about water. My lovely trick - pre wet paper for some sections of composition. Wait a few minutes. Wet again. Wait again. And THAN apply colorful brushstrokes. By painting this way you might achieve the most adventures exploration you ever had with art supplies.

"Magician "Indigo". Fragment

Extra rough surface makes you fall in love or hate it. Time spent by taming Indigo watercolor paper worth it!

While creating these paintings I used:
  1. Watercolor paper Arches aquarelle roll rough surface 140lb(300 gsm) - http://lazywonderbrush.blogspot.ca/2015/04/9-meter...
  2. Watercolor paper Bockingford 140 lb rough - http://bit.ly/2p9Mjj8
  3. Watercolor paper Indigo 210 lb 25% flax by Indigo Art Papers, extra rough
  4. Watercolor Brilliant Red Violet by Schmincke - http://bit.ly/28WDXUg
  5. Watercolour ULTRAMARINE by Winsor and Newton - http://bit.ly/28fBG05
  6. Watercolor Green Gold by Daniel Smith - http://bit.ly/296SFv9
  7. Watercolour Quinacridone Gold by Winsor & Newton - http://bit.ly/2lF6LXO
A special thank you to Sabina, 3D designer and my happy student, for kindly let me to use her portfolio and without her colaboration we would be never see such gorgeous interpretations of a "magicians".

"Magicians" watercolor paintings by Olga Peregood while "Spring Streams" demonstration online
Comparing art supplies
Watercolor paper brands: Indigo (left), Arches (middle), Bockingford (right)

I hope my blog helps people to think about painting with freedom, relax and jokes. Imaging there are not a magicians but parakeets ;) or women with love for fashion :)) It's fun!

"Spring Streams" registration for April is closed. Look for updates for next season in order to join watercolor painting livestreams.



Paint online in watercolor

Paint online in watercolor by artist Olga Peregood
Adding Canadian geese during Spring Streams livestream painting session
Hi, there! In my last blog post "How to paint a mountain in watercolor" about story of creation of this landscape I tell what if I add geese on top in Spring when they come back home..?

I opened my Spring Streams online painting sessions from this painting. While paint online in watercolor I could hear geese honk in flight above my roof!

Paint online in watercolor
Canadian geese honk in flight above my studio roof
I want to thank everyone who joined Spring Streams this year and look forward for April full of inspiration and entertaining together with you.



White watercolor flowers chrysanthemums

White watercolor flowers chrysanthemums by Olga Peregood
Fragment from tutorial 
Hi, there! There are coming question how I keep inspired as I seems very active in my art carrier. I made my painting time a part of my daily routine. Even in busy days I'll grab a piece of paper and move my brushes. Those just 10 minutes makes such a difference in a mood, state of mind, and skill.

I know how hard to jump into regular painting especially if you are a beginner. That is why I launched Spring Streams. There are online meetings with artist friends where I share my enthusiasm, paint something that inspires me, show my little tips and tricks and new discoveries as time goes by. There are a lot of stuff on this blog and on my YouTube channel for inspiration, but Spring Streams for artists who want to be inspired and effective growth during the month. Be honest you get excited right after registration as there is such a joy to wait a date with your favorite artist! There is long lasting excitement after sessions are over that keeps you continue painting.

This is a video tutorial from one of such online meeting from last Christmas holidays where I wear a funny red cap and demonstrated how I paint white watercolor flowers chrysanthemums. Please, come and watch this wonderful record via this link -

Have a nice day,


How to do still life painting in watercolor

Candy and bow watercolor painting demonstration by Olga Peregood How to do still life painting in watercolor
Candy and bow watercolor painting demonstration by Olga Peregood
How to do still life painting in watercolor
Hi, there! I'm so excited to launch Spring Streams. My painting sessions which I hold online via Internet become so popular and I adore making them. This is a good alternative for workshops as anybody could attend them no matter which country you are from right from your home. Replay is available as well, so you can enjoy learning again and again.

I'm busy right now so there will be only 4 livestream sessions in April and 1 at the end of this week.
I'm working on schedule.

Candy and bow watercolor painting demonstration by Olga Peregood How to do still life painting in watercolor
Candy and bow watercolor painting demonstration by Olga Peregood
How to do still life painting in watercolor

This is old painting session I hold during Christmas holidays, finally edited and published for you to watch how to paint easy things still life in watercolor. It is perfect for beginners as there are so simple subjects: candy and bow and how to do still life painting in watercolor. I hope you'll enjoy watching this video and forgive it launched so long after the Christmas.

Come and watch video tutorial as well as list of materials I used via this link - https://youtu.be/vrjd0g258Ss

Have a nice day,



Life of an artist

I love my new wonderful intro video for my future watercolor stories
made by Vladimir, motion graphic designer and web Developer. Single frame

Terrific month, many cold days and many flower paintings, new discoveries in watercolor, livestream online sessions (thank you everyone who joined, I love to connect with you) as well as teaching new courses and classes, filming the magic on my paper and quite time painting in my studio...

"Life of an artist" Winter-Spring vlog on YouTube channel lazywonderbrush

This is Winter-Spring vlog, which is finally edited and published on my YouTube channel. And there are 2 more painting tutorials on the go soon!

I still don't accept commissions yet. There will be just a few livestream painting sessions in April and fingers crossed one session this week.

See you very soon,



Loose painting "Moodmaker" watercolor course

Loose painting "Moodmaker" watercolor course
The cover for watercolor painting course "Moodmaker" by Olga Peregood
Hi, there! I'm so glad to announce my wonderful new course "Moodmaker".

Imagine you have trump card wherever you go, no matter what happens there is magic tool in your pocket. There is something in a corner of your smile, you feel energized, happy or peaceful. You bring that sense of freedom, peace, joy into your day. Even in bad days, knowing you back to painting soon makes such a difference than facing difficulties been naked.

Loose painting "Moodmaker" watercolor course
Random frames from watercolor painting course "Moodmaker" by Olga Peregood
In this course:
  • loose painting fur creatures, landscapes and flowers using real subjects and photographs
  • 6 tutorials from white piece to the end + 2 warm up exercises
  • duration: 1 hour 43 minutes approx.
  • apply popular watercolor techniques and mixed techniques as well as new tips and tricks
  • ways and exercises for loosed style
  • for experienced artists
  • list of materials with links
This course is available for watching online in "Shop"- "Tutorials" section on blog - http://lazywonderbrush.blogspot.ca/p/shop.html#!/Moodmaker/p/77617150/category=22205166



Wildlife watercolor paintings ~Leopard~

leopard big cats wildlife animals
Wildlife watercolor paintings of leopard from course "Moodmaker" by Olga Peregood
Hi, there! Can't keep in secret one of my favorite chapter of upcoming course "Moodmaker", which is called "Big Cats!". This tutorial is about not only how I search for right colors, how I test my ideas. Here what is the best way and how to know what you going to paint and how before you start your serious painting. As well as how to be confident and inspired artist.

I accomplish and update requests and questions after my previous animal tutorials from "Something Cute 4 U" and from "Guess What It Is". It is helpful to students to see a photo so they can see how I interpret the picture. That helps students see how to loosen up on details and not paint every strand of fur, or every leaf on a branch, because, as beginners we paint very tight and want to paint everything in the picture.

This painting from this chapter is so beautiful. Still doubt to place it on a cover as there are many other beautiful paintings in a course as well!


How to paint a white rose in watercolor

White rose watercolor technique. First layer
Hello, my dear readers of my blog! I'm continue working on my new watercolor painting course "Moodmaker". Love that buzz feeling as each section finished and as a moment of publishing come closer!

It is almost impossible to keep in secret all of that wonderful subjects and painting from this course! This is a fragment of white rose tutorial.

All subjects are wonderful and I designed the course so subjects are relate to my own life.
When I was choosing to paint a rose from my garden it was a frost snowy day while my students from different countries of the world showed blooming spring flowers photographs.

I still remember a fresh feeling in a summer morning when I took this photograph, buzz flying, sunshine on my face, gentle perfume in the air.

This tutorial isn't only about how to paint a white rose in watercolor but what makes green to sing and illuminate on leaves? And how to paint petals so gentle and sensitive so you might feel the aroma? I want after watching my course you find out why I like to paint roses in my style and why painting rose is so fun!

There is a cover "Moodmaker" coming soon and I count days when it happens. Who says it is Winter?



Dr Ph Martin's Radiant Concentrated Watercolor Lemon Yellow

Dr Ph Martin's Radiant Concentrated Watercolor Lemon Yellow
Chrysanthemums painting in progress using Dr Ph Martin's Radiant Concentrated Watercolor Lemon Yellow
This is a future of my painting style. Dr Ph Martin's Radiant Concentrated Watercolor Lemon Yellow is an invention in a world of paints. I have a little golden-daisy (Chrysanthemums) on my table and I'm thrilled to meet my new watercolor friend!

Dr Ph Martin's Radiant Concentrated Watercolor Lemon Yellow
My wonderful subject to paint in watercolor!
Notice how it is lighting.

Chrysanthemums painting in progress by Olga Peregood
It was painted using just a dot from a bottle!
Dr Ph Martin's Radiant Concentrated Watercolor Lemon Yellow
Dr Ph Martin's Radiant Concentrated Watercolor Lemon Yellow
Now I dream about a collection of bottles...

I purchased this bottle is link - http://bit.ly/2mJV0md
   Amazon.ca - http://amzn.to/2om15Wb
   Amazon.com - http://amzn.to/2ou0aUp

Have you shopped at Jackson's Art Supplies yet? If you use the link below, you'll get 10% off your first order - http://bit.ly/1X7cIfr



Watercolor eye of leopard

watercolor eye painting by Olga Peregood. Fragment of a recorded painting tutorial
Hello, watercolor amateurs! [Press F5 to replay the animation on leopard eye]
I am super busy this week as I am working on new watercolor course.

This is peek through the keyhole into upcoming course.

Painting for filming never been so theatrically! It is storm lightning thunder outside and leopard eyes staring at me!
watercolor eye painting by Olga Peregood. Fragment of a recorded painting tutorial
Enjoyed painting first stage in my creative corner. My leo ready to jump out the paper. Should I continue risking he run away?

watercolor eye painting by Olga Peregood. Fragment of a recorded painting tutorial
Spring Yesterday. Snow today. Let's paint leopard from always summer.
watercolor eye painting by Olga Peregood. Fragment of a recorded painting tutorial

Can't wait when full HD video tutorial how I paint this!

watercolor eye painting by Olga Peregood. Fragment of a recorded painting tutorial
Can't tell you more information as there is a middle of a process. I filmed several demonstrations of leopards, landscapes and there are many more subjects to go.

Fingers cross course will contain this leopard demonstrations as well and will be launched next month.

I hope you have a lot of sunny days,



Water painting for beginners in watercolor

Single frame from Olga Peregood video tutorial
Water painting for beginners in watercolor "Watercolor Water Fall: Beginner Step For Loose Fluid Paintings"

Hello, everyone! I was quiet here on my blog and now I'm so happy back again with exciting news for you!

I was a master of digital graphic when I was a professional web designer, illustrator.  All my art was about the definition, sharpness and pixels. I saw color in CMYK, lines as vector objects. Today watercolor became my philosophy, it`s a state of mind, which comes from things I have always dream to aim for in my life - freedom, positive thinking, letting go life as it is, uniqueness, wellness and this process are still on.

I marked this class water painting for beginners in watercolor. But no matter what a level of painting you are right now. No matter what medium you are working with. This class is a breathe of fresh air for your art, wonderful restart after long break in painting and an injection of enthusiasm and wonderful ideas.

Loose style is always an extreme adventure not everybody artist brave to approach. This is a dream to paint with freedom, style, atmosphere.

It is scary to be free, to come out of your comfort zone, to loose control of what happens on a paper.
Let's get started from my class "Watercolor Water Fall: Beginner Step For Loose Fluid Paintings"!




How to paint a mountain in watercolor

Hello, February! I painted fall when it was fall and leave this painting.  I took this painting again & added snowy mountains on top these days when it's winter. And it gives me much more interesting landscape as well as a sense of freedom that I can do whatever I want and whenever I want.

Don't rush into finished piece to show on Instagram or even worse, don't think how sell your painting.

Imagining to add geese in a sky in spring when they back home!

The most successful paintings are full of joy, freedom and fun in every brushstroke.

If you don't know how to paint a mountain in watercolor I'm absolutely in love with French Ultramarine Sample by Jackson's Artists Watercolour.  This is pure Canadian sky in a tube or mountains in a distance! If you use the link below, you'll get 10% off your first order - http://bit.ly/1X7cIfr

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