White watercolor flowers chrysanthemums

White watercolor flowers chrysanthemums by Olga Peregood
Fragment from tutorial 
Hi, there! There are coming question how I keep inspired as I seems very active in my art carrier. I made my painting time a part of my daily routine. Even in busy days I'll grab a piece of paper and move my brushes. Those just 10 minutes makes such a difference in a mood, state of mind, and skill.

I know how hard to jump into regular painting especially if you are a beginner. That is why I launched Spring Streams. There are online meetings with artist friends where I share my enthusiasm, paint something that inspires me, show my little tips and tricks and new discoveries as time goes by. There are a lot of stuff on this blog and on my YouTube channel for inspiration, but Spring Streams for artists who want to be inspired and effective growth during the month. Be honest you get excited right after registration as there is such a joy to wait a date with your favorite artist! There is long lasting excitement after sessions are over that keeps you continue painting.

This is a video tutorial from one of such online meeting from last Christmas holidays where I wear a funny red cap and demonstrated how I paint white watercolor flowers chrysanthemums. Please, come and watch this wonderful record via this link -

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