Wildlife watercolor paintings ~Leopard~

leopard big cats wildlife animals
Wildlife watercolor paintings of leopard from course "Moodmaker" by Olga Peregood
Hi, there! Can't keep in secret one of my favorite chapter of upcoming course "Moodmaker", which is called "Big Cats!". This tutorial is about not only how I search for right colors, how I test my ideas. Here what is the best way and how to know what you going to paint and how before you start your serious painting. As well as how to be confident and inspired artist.

I accomplish and update requests and questions after my previous animal tutorials from "Something Cute 4 U" and from "Guess What It Is". It is helpful to students to see a photo so they can see how I interpret the picture. That helps students see how to loosen up on details and not paint every strand of fur, or every leaf on a branch, because, as beginners we paint very tight and want to paint everything in the picture.

This painting from this chapter is so beautiful. Still doubt to place it on a cover as there are many other beautiful paintings in a course as well!

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