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These peony watercolor painting techniques shared among students of June "Unlock Endless Summer"
Hi, there! I was gardening past month like a crazy. This is my first garden in a new place and in a new country after a loong break. My neighbor call me "hard worker" as she seemed to think gardening is only thing I do in life. I was shy to tell I'm a professional artist, because it means to admit this is what does a painter do!

My garden in Belarus is fabulous as my mom take care of it since my family moved to Canada. My mom brought up her love for gardening in me too.

I took a risk to grow roses in Canadian climate (every beginner has this feeling): I prepared the earth, take time to think about best place and mastering composting. I'm lucky because now we have roses in bloom, even in a first summer!

I took photos every day as buttons unfold and painted in a sunset. But most of all the beauty of this rose enjoy some wild creature who made a hole and built a house in the most beautiful places - right under the bush!

While buttons under the risk of fading and story to be continued wonderful peaces of roses appeared, new techniques and tricks how to paint my new roses in watercolor discovered and kept for July demonstrations "Unlock Endless Summer".

I'll be holding watercolor painting livestreams in July too. Dates will be send to my contact list very soon. Please, be ready to book a date earlier as there will be just a few days to register before first session starts.

Have a wonderful summer,


Loose watercolor landscapes for beginners

Loose watercolor landscapes for beginners
Loose watercolor landscapes for beginners. First wash

Hi, there! Today is wonderful warm and full of aroma morning as flowers everywhere in bloom here in Ontario, Canada. I feel excited not only my June watercolor painting online group is booked and there are a few hours before first session starts, but I can give many different tips and tricks during demonstrating as this is a perfect air to let my paintings dry quickly.

Painting in watercolor loose style is a process and takes stages to develop a painting. This is my "warm up" for upcoming loose watercolor landscapes tutorials. Let's see what I come up with tomorrow when palm trees will be added on top. I'm so happy to fit and cover many subjects (and Loose watercolor landscapes for beginners too) as paper going to dry quickly and wonderful results might appear with WOW effect at the end just in one day/ one take!

Registration for June schedule is closed. Thank you everyone who join me today via "At The End Of A Rainbow" watercolor painting session. I'm over the moon to meet you online via livestream soon!

Have a nice day,



Pet painting class in watercolor

Pet painting class in watercolor
Press "Shift+F5" button or "Reload" to repeat this animation
of puppy watercolor painting in development process 

Hello, my dear artists and friends! I must admit I have a constant group of artists attending every of my painting course. It gives me a challenge to keep every of my tutorial brand new and interesting. I don't paint one particular subject, I paint everything I see excites me as time goes by: flowers from my garden, sketchy seascape by travelling or pet painting class in watercolor, student's requests and more.

Learning and implementing new ideas for landscapes watercolor tutorials

It was a wonderful surprise to find out my painting style and style I'm teaching appealing to non-watercolor artists as well! Knowing artists who didn't paint for years start to paint again after my tutorials makes me so happy teacher. I received many touching stories from different people about how my art changed not only their paintings, but well-being and health.

I have so many inspiration seems like I could make a workshop every day. But I include so much into each session, so I need quality time to recharge and fulfill my energy.

I'm so happy to give "At The End Of A Rainbow" and "Unlock The Summer" painting demonstrations this month. And I'm over the moon to meet old friends and new artists this Summer.

I always glad to see you,


Painting hummingbirds in watercolor

Hello my dear readers of my blog! Last month I was quit my blog as I witched this my watercolor blog into May vlogs on my YouTube channel and had a great success by doing so.

Watch the video "Best of May vlogs" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfbtxPSR99Y

Happily I back to my graphic and ready to hold watercolor painting sessions. I already feel so excited about upcoming events this summer going to be fabulous as I overwhelmed by creative ideas as I received so many wonderful feedback, meet new wonderful and talented artists, received brilliant questions and requests during May vlogs.

I had wonderful week, rest from demonstrating in watercolor, gardening and enjoyed painting for myself.
Painting red rose hummingbirds in watercolor by Olga Peregood
Painting hummingbirds in watercolor by Olga Peregood
I implemented and tested many ideas and come out with exciting juicy content. Now, what do all these rose and hummingbird have in common? Except Both paintings hold watercolor Alizarin Crimson by Winsor & Newton... and except every of them my favorite subject to paint...

Roses don't have nectar, so they aren't feeding...

I'm eager to share my watercolor discoveries with my students this Summer (and painting rose and hummingbird in watercolor as well ;) 


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