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These peony watercolor painting techniques shared among students of June "Unlock Endless Summer"
Hi, there! I was gardening past month like a crazy. This is my first garden in a new place and in a new country after a loong break. My neighbor call me "hard worker" as she seemed to think gardening is only thing I do in life. I was shy to tell I'm a professional artist, because it means to admit this is what does a painter do!

My garden in Belarus is fabulous as my mom take care of it since my family moved to Canada. My mom brought up her love for gardening in me too.

I took a risk to grow roses in Canadian climate (every beginner has this feeling): I prepared the earth, take time to think about best place and mastering composting. I'm lucky because now we have roses in bloom, even in a first summer!

I took photos every day as buttons unfold and painted in a sunset. But most of all the beauty of this rose enjoy some wild creature who made a hole and built a house in the most beautiful places - right under the bush!

While buttons under the risk of fading and story to be continued wonderful peaces of roses appeared, new techniques and tricks how to paint my new roses in watercolor discovered and kept for July demonstrations "Unlock Endless Summer".

I'll be holding watercolor painting livestreams in July too. Dates will be send to my contact list very soon. Please, be ready to book a date earlier as there will be just a few days to register before first session starts.

Have a wonderful summer,

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  1. Hi Olga, gardening in Canada is a very short season, but something we look forward to every year! I don't know if you are a Canadian citizen as yet, but a big welcome to Canada to you and your family, on our 150th birthday. I love all the people who have joined us here from all over the world. I especially love your painting classes! I am so glad to have found you on the WWW. Delores in Edmonton.


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